Monday 11 May 2009

Expenses: Now It's Them And Us

Michael Martin was angry today, was he not? Not angry at the behaviour of MPs, of course. Angry at the fact that someone had the temerity to leak a disk which allowed us to see what MPs were up to. Did he not realise that proceedings were being broadcast live on TV and radio ... or is he just an arrogant tool? (don't answer that)

Unless this caledonian cock was of the belief that his statement was being made in camera, this was a public announcement that it's now them and us and further confirmation that there is a cancerous jock cabal at the heart of Westminster.

Kate Hoey was slapped down contemptuously, like a naughty primary schoolkid, for having the cheek to suggest that calling the rozzers in to investigate the leak wasn't a particularly clever idea if MPs wished to prove openness.

But an annoyed Mr Martin said he had already heard her "pearls of wisdom on Sky News".

He added: "Is it the case that an employee of this House should be able to hand over any private data to any organisation of his or her choosing?"

"It's easy to say to the press this should not happen - it's a wee bit more difficult when you just don't have to give quotes to the press and do nothing else."

And Norman Baker was, just get this brass neck!

"... another member who is keen to say to the press what the press wants to hear.".

The press wants to hear, Mick, because WE want to read it. You remember us, don't you? The poor saps who pay for the comfy chairs you rest your trade union grounded backside on. Who subsidise your meals and your drinks while at work. Who pay for your transport, the furnishings in your second home, the pen you write with, the wine in your extensive parliamentary cellar. Hell, just look around you, there probably isn't much that you can see which hasn't been paid for by us. If you've got one of those desk toys from, do you know what? We paid for that too.

Yet you believe that we shouldn't be allowed to see what the 646 have been spending until you have blanked out the embarrassing bits? I'm trying to decide if that makes you a cunt, or just plain ignorant. What the heck, I'm going to spoil myself, you're an ignorant cunt.

This government has successfully marginalised any form of contribution from the public. Manifesto commitments are routinely discarded, and then when challenged, government fight bitterly through court to ensure that such promises aren't enforceable. Policy is decided, and then consultations carefully choreographed to result in a favourable conclusion. MPs don't just advise how we should live our lives anymore, they make us follow their will by force backed up with lies. Connivance is endemic, misdirection and untruths are now parliamentary currency, low poll turnouts are proof that no-one now believes that politicians have any relevance to the way we wish to live.

Mr Speaker, you are already very lucky that a huge swathe of the public are blissfully unaware that they are being subjugated by the holier-than-thou cretins over which you preside, but one thing that will make even the facebook generation prick their ears up is money, especially in a fucking recession.

This is news because, on top of all the petty shit you have been slinging in our direction, it's now clear you are a collection of devious, grotty, thieving bastards. The property you own at our expense while we are struggling to pay mortgages and rent, the extensive furnishing of your nests while we are 'making do' in difficult financial times, the massive borrowing you incompetent fucktards have landed us with while you enlarge your bank accounts by not even paying for fucking light bulbs. It's an insult to each and every one of the 44 million voters in this country.

Yet you, Mr Speaker, the person entrusted with keeping MPs in order, are angry that we have been notified as to the level of troughing?

When even the speaker has lost sight of who are supposed to be in charge in a democracy, and who are the servants, it can truly be said that parliament has reached a new low.


Anonymous said...

At least the press have made them squirm.
Now that the scene is set, lets hope that the press go in for the kill.
Thieving tossers one and all.

Anonymous said...

Will we get any justice ? About time the rest of the thieves were investigated. Local councils, NHS, quangos, think tanks etc. etc.

Witterings from Witney said...

I really, really, really would hate to meet you when you were angry!

Well said again Sir and I can but agree entirely!