Sunday 31 May 2009

Expenses Number Crunching

Al Jahom doesn't appear to have been enjoying the sunshine today. Instead he has been playing with Excel and came up with some interesting troughing stats.

Of the top 100 Commons troughers,

62% are Labour MPs (against 54.1% of 646 parliamentarians)
21% are Conservative MPs (against 29.9% of 646 parliamentarians)
15% are Lib Dem MPs (against 9.8% of 646 parliamentarians)
2% are other (against 6.2% of 646 parliamentarians)

Tory MPs cost, on average, about £5500 less than Labour MPs and almost £9000 less than Lib Dems.

Not to mention the social cost of 3,000 odd illiberal and authoritarian laws under Labour, aided and abetted by the Liberal Social Democrats. We've certainly paid a hefty price for the past 12 years, no?


Anonymous said...

One thing I got wrong in there, is 'other' = 6.2% of 646 parliamentarians, not 1.7%


Dick Puddlecote said...

Thanks Al, amended