Thursday 28 May 2009

Unrepentant, Unforgiven

The chaos is easing somewhat (at least I'm back in my comfy chair, albeit without lights) and tonight brings happy news.

Labour MP Margaret Moran, whose expenses claims provoked widespread public anger, has announced that she will stand down at the next election.

No mention of the nepotistic fraud or the vindictive bullying, but I suppose it's better than having the self-interested bitch clinging to her job and pretending that nothing is awry. Oh, hold on ...

However, it is very important that I make it absolutely clear that I have done nothing wrong or dishonest ...

Stunning. An arrogant shitstick to the very end.

Brown has cut her off publicy, Harperson has joined in too

Reacting to Ms Moran's departure, Deputy Labour leader Harriet Harman said it was a "basic" requirement for MPs to have complied with the spirit as well as the letter of the expenses rules.

So fucking basic that Moran can't fathom it.

Unfortunately, the people of Luton South must put up with this shard of irrelevant and insulting detritus until Gordon's ego trip has run its course. She's going to keep her righteous snout in the trough for as long as is porcinely possible.

If she had even half the guts of those who have suffered her nasty state-sponsored swipes at their legitimate grievances, she would resign her seat and put herself up for a summer by-election.

She hasn't done that as she is a selfish troughing bully, and as we all know, bullies turn cowardly very quickly once challenged.

Unforgiven, and unrepentant. A Labour MP through and though. It's always someone else's fault, isn't it.


Screaming Banshee said...

Very well said.

timbone said...

This is the bit that really takes the piss - analogy -

Ms X, you have been claiming expenses from the company which were fraudulant. I have no alternative but to let you keep your job for another year.

Cate Munro said...

Didn't I also read somewhere that if these troughing pigs hold on until the next election they get a £100,000 and a bloody fantastic pension?

DaveA said...

Tory P, not forgetting the £30,000 handshake on losing your seat.