Saturday 23 May 2009

Dreaming Of The Big Bang

Some pictures from the Facebook event, Sack Parliament, today. If you look very closely, you may just catch a glimpse of Old Holborn.

Big Ben shows 12:10 as the cameras started shooting

I think we need a bigger barrel

Bring more of this

The fuse is lit. Fireworks were later added which caused a few police to bristle

The police weren't happy when someone suggested walking in through St Stephens entrance

The Jury Team were leafletting heavily and some joker was passing cards around advocating an event entitled "The death and resurrection of the Labour Party". Not sure I'd be up for that. If it were "The death and descent into permanent oblivion", that would be a different story.

UPDATE: GOT has found this BBC footage.

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Stirling work! JD.