Friday 8 May 2009

Gordon Brown "More Piñata Than Politician" Says New York Times

Oh dear, Gordon Brown's deficiencies have been noticed across the pond. The New York Times have picked up on his woeful PMQs on Wednesday and are, quite frankly, laughing at him.

LONDON — Prime Minister Gordon Brown is spectacularly unpopular these days. He is presiding over one of the weakest economies in Western Europe. His government is widely seen as weary, porous and flailing. His own party members spend their time plotting, spreading nasty gossip and openly defying his policies.

But it was still shocking to see the mauling Mr. Brown suffered in the House of Commons on Wednesday, when he had to appear during this week’s installment of the half-hour grilling called Prime Minister’s Questions. So mercilessly and brazenly did his Conservative opponents mock, taunt and ridicule Mr. Brown that at times he seemed more piñata than politician.

Note the 'one of the weakest economies in Western Europe' bit? There's no appended possibly, or allegedly. It's common global knowledge.

It's not the only transatlantic giggling going on either. Via Swiss Bob, it seems French speaking Canadians are also splitting their sides at his ineptitude.

Whips being openly ridiculed during the Ghurka vote. Brown being destroyed live on TV for the world to see. Lies and spin unravelling by the day. YouTube experiencing some of their biggest political hits ever with Dan Hannan, the grin video, nose-picking, and this (in case you hadn't seen it).

It's embarrassing, yes, but personally I hope he clings on for as long as possible to make sure Labour are unelectable for as long as I live. One more year is nothing if it means we never have to endure such a mealy-mouthed, bullying, dictatorial, offensive, mendacious, anti-democratic collection of corrupt control freaks ever again.

Then we can tackle why the Tories aren't speaking up against the assaults on our liberties like they should be doing.

UPDATE: As Swiss Bob points out in the comments, the hilarity at Brown has spread to the Austrians.

The laughter in the meeting room was getting louder, and at the end of Question Time Brown was no longer willing to give answers

No longer just a devalued Prime Minister (© Dan Hannan), a contemptuously derided one too.


Anonymous said...

"Then we can tackle why the Tories aren't speaking up against the assaults on our liberties like they should be doing."

It's that bit that makes me shudder.
I fear the tories as much as this lot.
As I've said before and I'll keep on saying, it's UKIP all the way for me.


Sue said...

Well said, the Tories needn't think they're just going to take over this shambles. We want things changed! We'd like a democracy back for a start off.

Paul said...

Thanks for supplying that PMQs video, I have just seen it now.

What an absolute fucking gimp.

Swiss Bob said...

Mr Puddlecoate,

It gets worse, it seems the Austrians are wetting themselves as well: Gordon Brown flippt aus
. Now my German is non existent but I'll take a shot at translation, "Gordon Brown is mental".

Viewing count thanks to the Austrians will probably hit 10,000 later today and the video is #21 Most viewed (This week) - News and Politics on YouTube.

The Daily Politics

Swiss Bob said...

PS Go to my blog and you can also see Clegg sticking the boot in.

Swiss Bob said...

I have posted up a translation from the Austrian Newspaper if anyone's interested.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Thanks for the update, Bob.