Friday 22 May 2009

None So Blind

Via Swiss Bob.

Labour chiefs in Luton South have ruled out deselecting their MP, who has faced criticism for claiming £22,500 to fix dry rot at a property. Margaret Moran has since responded to public fury by repaying the money. Constituency chairman Mahmood Hussain said members of the party executive unanimously agreed that they have full confidence in Ms Moran as MP. (Teletext)

Let's recap here. Even amongst the gamut of rancid expenses rot exposed by the Telegraph, Moran stands out as a trougher of the highest order. She has been caught with her fingers in the till without any remorse. Her behaviour has been described by the Prime Monster as 'totally unacceptable'. It has come to light that she has utilised her position to spend our money in the furtherance of her husband's business, coupled with affecting public policy on her whims alone. She is corrupt, a bully both in the UK and in Spain. She has broken parliamentary rules, ridden roughshod over her constituents so much that even the normally pro-establishment Esther Rantzen is disgusted by her. She has been referred to the parliamentary watchdogs for being a filthy affront to the people she is elected to serve.

Yet her constituency Chairman rules out deselection and professes confidence?

What on earth would this woman have to do to make her local Labour party embarrassed?


Curmudgeon said...

"What on earth would this woman have to do to make her local Labour party embarrassed?"

Be caught smoking a cigarette in a pub, presumably...

timbone said...

So you write a cheque for the money you tried to launder and that is ok. So if a benefit cheat writes a cheque for the money they laudered.......I want to see mass protest. I am prepared to be part of it. I want to see people like brown physically challenged

Dick Puddlecote said...

LOL@Curmudgeon. Yes, that would certainly do it.

Dr Evil said...

Full confidence? As I hear things they are thinking again about Maggie Moron. She should be toast after what she did.