Friday 15 May 2009

Chief Petty Officers

Labour's legacy to Britain - a police force diverted from tackling crime by an avalanche of idealistic garbage from Labour.

However, the ACPO Ltd have finally realised that tramping around the countryside enforcing Labour's class war on hunters is a complete and utter waste of time and resources.

Police are to stop monitoring hunts in a policy change that effectively marks the collapse of the hunting ban, it emerged last night.
New guidance from the Association of Chief Police Officers says that forces have more pressing priorities than spending valuable time clamping down on hunts and suggests that monitoring should be cut down.
It brands the 2004 Hunting Act 'cumbersome' and 'unenforceable' because gathering evidence of illegal hunting has proven difficult.

One silly ban dead in the water, then. A few more to go.

Meanwhile, Labour's adherence to inflexible targets has another police force being urged to become state-salaried busybodies.

Police have been ordered to go on litter patrol in a bid to boost the number of people nicked for minor offences.
Officers will be forced to ditch their uniforms and go out undercover in plain clothes in a bid to hit performance targets.

Bertie the burglar commented: "I love Labour, they're definitely getting my vote next time. Business has never been so relaxed"

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Dr Evil said...

This is exactly why brewers/breweries should not be allowed to own pubs. All pubs should be free houses with brewers competing and having utterly zero say in how these poubs are managed.

Are these brewers in league with Satan in the form of this government and the EU directive banning smoking on such premises?