Monday 25 May 2009

Labour MEP Welcomes 'Undesirables' To The UK

Top Labour Euro trougher, Mary Honeyball, had been rather boring of late, but it's always worth checking in now and again to read the gold-plated ideological crap that she spouts. Even more so when she is sprinkling unsubstantiated accusations of racism around like confetti.

Reporting on a Hampstead debate, she had this to say.

The most obvious spilt (sic) between those on the platform was about race and immigration. UKIP, as you would imagine, were fairly openly racist. I even had one woman come up to me afterwards and tell me just how racist she found the UKIP representative’s comments.

That's it. No example. No quote to open up the debate. Just a bald statement preceded by an implication that UKIP are, without question, a racist party. So she was pushed for more information in the comments by Gawain Towler. Her reply stated that she had given all the background that she was prepared to give.

You ask what the UKIP representative said. I thought I made it clear that I felt the UKIP policy on immigration is racist as did the lady in the audience who raised it with me after the meeting

Still no example, still no quote. Just a reiteration of a statement backed up by nothing in particular. So much for responsible blogging then.

Considering that UKIP's stance, if I understand it correctly, is to oppose the 'open door' EU cross border policy (specifically, by getting out of the EU altogether), it would seem to suggest that Honeyball regards anything, other than letting everyone in without question, as racist.

Her equally laughable remark toward Tory policy backs this up.

The Tories are little better. Their proposed five point system for allowing people into Britain is discriminatory, designed to keep people they see as undesirable out, surely a racist policy if ever there was one.

So there you have it. A Labour MEP branding as racist anyone who wishes to keep undesirables out of the UK, or advocates sensible immigration. Even if the Tory policy is one which has been followed by such obviously racist nations as Australia, Canada, and the US for decades.

According to Honeyball's fuzzy thinking, Jacqui Smith is also a racist.


Fullonface said...

Honeyball needs to mix with the unwashed proles! She a complete supercilious idiot! What the hell are we paying these fools for? Oh thats right we need to pay them more so they don't have to steal from us!

Anonymous said...

The prat Hairy Moneyballs knows she's on her way out and is trying to get the 'ethnic' majority vote.

DaveA said...

Just posted this on her blog.

""The Tories are little better. Their proposed five point system for allowing people into Britain is discriminatory, designed to keep people they see as undesirable out, surely a racist policy if ever there was one."

I think that is a good idea, in effect it is current Labour policy, is it not? There is the Tier1-5 system for highly skilled migrants. If you are not a European citizen and have no skills you are excluded. You and your party are racist.

Quite frankly 12 years of being called a "racist" for wanting a fair but firm immigration policy, using that term inaccurately has lost its ability to insult. 12 years of cheap shots, no wonder the BNP are doing so well.

Cate Munro said...

Jesus - it beggars belief. Some times I think I'm living in a parallel universe.

Although strangely, comments like these from Labour idiots who've presided over the most disastrous social experiment in our time, come as no surprise.

They blithely fritter away every last sense of Britishness by the day and then scold anyone who dares to oppose this.

They will get their come-uppence!

Mark Wadsworth said...

That's a good punchline.

Unknown said...

Here we go again, every time a politicians back is against the wall they pull the "racist" card. I was at a Freedom To Choose Scotland meeting and listened to a UKIP member speak. I asked him was it right that his party should be branded racist? He said, "No, it's about space, not race." UKIP will be getting my vote come election time.

Dr Evil said...

Honeyball, if you ever read this sort of thing just please note this, and I do hope you have apoplexy, but there are just too many WOGS in the UK.

Mark said...

I think Mary Honeyball must mean UKIP are Humanist because I'm damned if I know what race/s she is harping on about. She probably hasn't got a clue either - ok she doesn't have a clue full stop.

Mark said...

Very Labour. She deleted my comment on her blog for being the wrong sort of comment (nothing rude or anything). Still we should be getting used to "the listening party".

Dick Puddlecote said...

For the record, Mark, what was your post? Same as above or different?

Mark said...

Er, it was posted there last night and was up, checked this morning and it was gone, now it's back again. Strange.

I wrote:

“UKIP policy on immigration is racist”

Which race/s do you mean, one or two, a few, all? You obviously haven’t a clue about what racism means.