Monday 8 March 2010

Dick Out And About: Lord Darzi And Labour's Selective Reporting ... Again

Last night I posted more evidence of Labour's loose definition of transparent democracy over at the National Death Service blog. (link)

It's worth a small further comment on this bit though.

DAMNING reports on the state of the National Health Service, suppressed by the government, reveal how patients’ needs have been neglected.

Lord Darzi, the former health minister, commissioned the three reports from international consultancies to assess the progress of the NHS as it approached its 60th anniversary in 2008. They have come to light after a freedom of information request.
Surely Darzi must be hopping mad that his efforts are being ignored by government for political purposes? After all, theirs is the party of the NHS, is it not? And suppressing reports of poor practice would be entirely in contravention of Darzi's ethos.

"My working life has, is and will continue to be centred on patient care."
I'm sure he'll speak up about the matter soon.

But then, when it comes to suppressing the truth for party political purposes, he does have form, so perhaps not.

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