Friday 5 March 2010

Every EU Loser Wins

Hairy Moneyball can be very illuminating at times. For example, I wasn't aware that an electorally rejected euro-fanatic had just been effectively promoted.

And finally… it was good to see former Labour MEP Richard Corbett sitting at the top table with President Van Rompuy. Richard is now head of the President’s Cabinet. Congratulatons Richard. You deserve your success and we all know you will do exceptional work for Herman Van Rompuy and, by extension, for all of us involved in the EU.
It is, of course, the same Corbett who was dumped as MEP for Yorkshire and Humber in June last year.

But in the strange incestuous world of the EU, this failure is rewarded with a seat at the top table, at the right hand of the similarly unelected President, and is fully 'deserved', apparently.

Corbett may well have been given the democratic boot by his electorate, but Hairy did only point out that Corbett would be very useful for 'those of us involved in the EU'.

How very nice for them.


Unknown said...

Bastards, the whole rotten lot of them DP.

Anonymous said...

You shall be taken to a place of execution.
And hung by the neck .
Untill dead.

Uncle Marvo said...

Off to isacunt's place ...

Frank Davis said...

A few weeks ago I did a bit of exploring of the EU, and wrote:

it's a culture in which dead and defunct politicians can be resurrected. The EU is a politician's paradise.

So I'm not in the least bit surprised.

Anonymous said...

Jobs for the boy.
The Kinnock's "retired" to wealth and riches.
Our money actually.
Thats what it's all about .
Easy money.

thespecialone said...

You wont hear about this on the BBC