Sunday 21 March 2010

Super Sunday

As Sundays go, it's a been a good 'un in Puddlecoteville.

A gloriously sunny day. A trip to the park where, while the little Puddlecotes were cycling, another kid suffered a nasty looking fall while his Dad was off buying some orange drinks. I asked if he was OK and he showed me a grazed and slightly bleeding hand, so Mrs P supplied some of our drinking water for him to clean it with. Dad returned. Not a suspicious hint in his face (as is more than usual in recent years), merely a genial smile and an expression of thanks.

I think I was undercharged in the cafe for our post-park bacon, sausage, eggs and chip butty-fest. And then the boy beat us all at Cluedo ... despite my using every sneaky trick I'd picked up over 30 odd years, thereby achieving his first Da Vinci box-ticker.

Life unencumbered by the sick, dumbed-down, restrictive attitudes inflicted on our society by Westminster, just as it used to be. Something though, surely, had to taint it.

On the contrary. Instead, after family duties, I read this.

[...] several politicians recorded by an undercover reporter posing as a company executive looking to hire MPs for lobbying work.

- Patricia Hewitt, a former health secretary, who claimed she helped to obtain a key seat on a government advisory group for a client paying her £3,000 a day.

- Margaret Moran, the Luton MP who was forced to pay back £22,500 in expenses, boasted that she could ring a “girls’ gang” of colleagues on behalf of clients.
Still my beating heart. To read about two of the most odious political arsewipes ever to enter parliament being publicly mangled, with hopefully further stress and personal shame to follow, is an ecstatic end to a darn good day.

The Puddlecote memory is elephantine when it comes to my list of disgusting bastards who have contrived to produce as intolerant a society as we are now enduring. They are all mentally noted, and softly softly catchee monkey, as they say.

Today, two more on that list were exposed to the wider public as hideous anti-social troughers, blind to the interests of those they were elected to serve, as I have always maintained.

Let's first talk about Hewitt.

Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt will vote for a complete ban on smoking in pubs and clubs in England when MPs vote on the plan, the BBC understands. Pubs not serving food and members' clubs were to be exempted from a ban.

But Labour MPs and ministers have been given a free vote on the issue - increasing the chances of a total ban. The move means Ms Hewitt - who differs from her predecessor John Reid on the extent of a smoking ban - will be voting against her department's policy.
Yes. THE prime motivator. The head honcho. The bansturbator general.

And unrepentant with it.

This is a triumph for public health and a huge step forward for health protection. Thousands of people's lives will be saved and the health of thousands more protected. Smokefree legislation will protect everyone from the harm of secondhand smoke when working, socialising and relaxing and will provide a more supportive environment for smokers who wish to give up.

[...] the experience of going smokefree in Ireland, Scotland, New York and elsewhere has been good for business.

Well, as I have mentioned before, someone with a job lined up selling nicotine replacement therapy would say that, wouldn't she?

Former Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt has landed lucrative jobs with Boots and a company that owns 25 private hospitals.
As for Moran, arguably one of the most egregious troughers of all those revealed by the Telegraph last year, the allegations of being paid for lobbying are even more astounding ...

... considering she violently opposes listening to the views of her constituents.

As Luton working mens' club owner, Sean Spillane, found out last year when he wrote to the local newspaper about Moran's abandonment of the smoking ban exemption for private members' clubs.

Dear Sean Spillane,

I refer to your most recent letter regarding the smoking ban. The contents are noted, however I refer you to my previous reply on this subject, particularly the evidenced health benefits of the ban.

As MPs we are elected to weigh in the balance the greater good for our constituents*, and it is for this reason that I wholly support the current policy. No amount of public bullying of the sort you indulge in will change my position.

I also understand that the constitution for working men's clubs mandates that they are not party political. I therefore understand that your public statements have been referred to the relevant governing bodies.

Yours sincerely,

Margaret Moran MP
Labour MP for Luton South
Disagreeing with your MP's desecration of a manifesto commitment is apparently public bullying, according to hideous trougher Moran. Reason enough, even, to engage in a bit of spiteful mud-slinging against someone exercising their democratic right to freedom of speech.
A constituent doesn't offer enough scope for filling her amply-proportioned trousers with cash, it would seem.

I think the humble Devil puts my view of these two disgusting maggots best.

These absolute fuckers were willing to pass laws—indeed, have already passed laws—that compel us to do the bidding of their corporate masters. They were willing to take money to fuck us—that's you and me—so that they could stuff their own wallets.

These cunts should be hanged for treason against the British people

I should also add that any legislation which passed over their desks, should these claims be proven, are an affront to our parliamentary system and should be instantly quashed.

And I mean all of it. Repeal the lot and start the process again.

Any, and every, law which Byers, Hoon, Hewitt and Moran have been involved in implementing is infected with an anti-democratic disease and is therefore illegitimate.

This won't happen, of course, as our politicians view their employers - all of us - with contempt.

So, next time one of the big three knocks on your door with a painted smile (and there will be plenty in the next few weeks and months), give them the same contempt back in spades. Don't be polite, don't feel sorry for them as they are only foot soldiers, doing so simply dilutes the message. No. Give them hell, return the grief they have given us, firmly and verbally rip their guts out. Send the message loud and clear. Let them know we are angry and that their behaviour will not be tolerated.

They had their chance to treat us with respect. They failed. It's time that they were told in no uncertain terms.

Today was a good day, but we can all have days like this every day if these rancid fuckers, who believe their tiny minds are superior to yours, are brought to heel.

What have we to lose but the interminable corruption and grief?

* Except when that is trumped by what one is being paid to advocate.


JJ said...

I wonder DP how much influence that shite filled douche bag Patricia Hewitt had on bringing in the smoking ban.
Wasn’t she already on the board of pharmacist Boots when she was shovelling through the ban…no conflict of interest there then – eh? If she wasn’t then…she had surely been sniffing round for sometime.

No wonder this double density cunt was happy to talk about nicotine replacement therapy.

I hope she not only is discredited…but the smoking ban has to be looked at again in the light of these disclosures. This lovely smelling crap has made my day.

In the meantime I hope you go back and pay your full whack for your butty-fest…with a nice fat tip and a circus troupe to entertain on behalf of all the Puddlecotes!

Nice gesture or what!

Ghengis Khan said...

Shitbags, every one of them.

OK, the gloves are well and truly off.
Forget the Marquis of Queensberry Rules.
This is a kick in the Genitalia of those vested interest Bastards.

Drug Company Fraud Cases-20 Years of Fraud Cases

Avotek in Canada: Partnered research with Canadian University of Toronto-and wanted to sue an Internist Nancy Olivieri of the Hospital for Sick Children when she claimed the drug Apotex was ineffective and possibly dangerous.
Apotex still remains the biggest drug maker in Canada for generic drugs, and thru its charity foundation Apotex foundation -no one will prosecute them. Olivieri had to resign her position Oct. 27, 1998 Toronto Star Newspaper.

The CEO Michael Strofolino threatened to Nancy Olivieri her if she made the information public and a smear campaign was launched against Olivieri. Here is a case of a whistle blower who was being condemned and the scientific community backed the drug company, she has been harassed with threatening phone calls and her name was blackened.

Baxter Drugs-subsidiary of Baxter Caremark 1992 -criminal conduct med partners fraud, involved in AIDS/Haemophiliac scare, 161 million deaths by dialysis scare. Baxter continued to sell potential AID’s Contaminated clotting factors after the problem was discovered in 1984. Baxter drug was contracted to make the Swine Flu Vaccine and applied for the patent 1 year before the Swine outbreak.

Dey Inc-charged with health care fraud in Medicaid 2003 along with Pharma Benefits Managers partnerships with Merck and Medco Managed Care -profit taking between pharmas and HMO’s, hospitals and doctors -major fraud case.

Merck was investigated for high price fixing, kickbacks between drug makers and PMB’s- Pharmacy Benefit Mangers -the middle man.

Roche Drug Company was charged with global price fixing, guilty of fraud, 1997-collusive trading citric acid In vitamin trade-class action lawsuits globally.

Glaxosmithkline: charged with withholding heart attack side effects of Avandia just one week ago.

Glaxosmithkline: charged with fraud of Paxil Marketing-withholding crucial data.

Wyeth Drugs: charged with hiding the side effect of breast cancer of their drug Premarin, and Prempro charged with hiding the side effects of their hormone replacement drugs are still fighting lawsuits from women who got breast cancer from Wyeth’s fraud and criminal activity with HRT drugs. Wyeth was bought out by Pfizer that continues to fight breast cancer patients who took their drug unknowingly growing breast cancer in their bodies. Wyeth knew of the danger and hid the facts in their advertising and promotion of Prempro and Premarin an estrogen derived from horses urine and progesterone which turned out to be an experiment that grew cancer in women.

Pfizer-defrauding Medicare in Australia-paid fine, price fixing internationally.

British Drug Companies
Goldshield Group
Kent Pharmaceuticals
Norton Healthcare
Generics UK
Ranbaxy UK all charged with fraud, conspiracy to defraud and price fixing-criminal charges-all released with fines between 1996 and 2000

Mylan -price fixing raising prices 3000 percent, lorzapam, Ativan, Tranzene-1998.

Merck-Germany-price fixing on vitamin C-fined in 2000

Merck- defrauding Medicaid-selling pills to Medicaid for 1.65 each, while hospitals paid 10 cents each. 18.5 million in fines in Texas.


What will be the next great money earning development for Tobacco Control?

An NRT Suppository?

Well, they can STICK THAT UP THERE ARSE as far as I am concerned.

Antisthenes said...

I have just been reading a blog about these wannabee political lobbyists who apparently are happy and able to corrupt the political system for wads of readies. The blogger appears well versed in the law. Now it appears that these ex ministers who were caught red handed boasting of their superior skill in enabling the big fix on finding out that they had been rumbled they resorted to the defense of that they were telling whoppers. Unfortunately for them telling whoppers for monetary gain is a criminal offense while what they were offering to do probably was not.

carbchick said...

I can't believe they'll have the gall to knock on anyone's door.

But if they come to mine, they'll wish they fucking well hadn't.

Anonymous said...

I'm already rude to every door to door knocker since realising many years ago that they all want one of three things, my money, my vote, or my soul. Even so, I'll take your advice on board and try to be even more rude over the next few months.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think I'm too angry to be able to speak coherently to any door-knockers.


Reason said...

Yes, Margaret Moran is a complete waste of space.

I wrote to her a year ago (before the expenses saga exposed her as a thief) when she came out with this nonsense in Parliament:

“alcohol is 69 per cent. cheaper than it was in 1980”
19 Jan 2009 : Column 535

All I got was an automated reply stating “Parliamentary protocol dictates that a Member of Parliament can only deal with issues on behalf of their own constituents”. Doesn’t the stupid fool realise that legislation she votes on affects everyone in the country not just her own constituents?

Anonymous said...

Jail the bastards.
Jail them.

Anonymous said...

Top Notch article, Dick, and Ritz
class follow up by Ghengis.
Many of us are not much interested in stooges like Byers,its the
honourable sow for Liecester West
we want tormenting,kept in the
spotlight untill she collapses.
This marsupial faced man hating
hudderless cow needs the full
monty treatment from all the bloggers ,campaigns and twitterers.
We need the 1000 bomber raid on
this schmuckette, no room for
gliders and hot air balloonists.
Lets see what the Blogosphere is really made of.Noticed the low profile for Hewitt from some

Virginia Gold

lenko said...

I can hardly BELIEVE the amount of venom directed towards poor Patsy Hewitt... do you people not realise that if only we had followed her lead, NONE OF US WOULD DIE AT ALL! EVER! She alone has the skills, the contacts, the money...

As it is, only Gordon will live for ever, STILL PM... a thousand years from now.

Be afraid. Be VERY afraid...