Thursday, 18 March 2010

The 'Independent' Henry Featherstone

Remember that 'independent' study by the Policy Exchange? You know it. The one with gaping holes in its methodology.

Well, just thought you'd like to see a picture of its author. So here he is pictured independently sitting next to Deborah Arnott at the independent ASH AGM in December.

Glad that we have the issue of vested interests sorted out with this guy. Straight as a die, he is, and no mistake.

If I were a Policy Exchange wonk, I'd be deeply ashamed right now.

UPDATE: It's interesting to note that the BBC wouldn't touch this. The Telegraph did, but James Delingpole has promptly torn into Policy Exchange on his Telegraph blog. It's a right royal disaster for PE. Independent? Yeah, OK.

H/T Dave Atherton


Mark Wadsworth said...

"Policy Exchange" not "Policy Network" in line 1.

Mr A said...

Ha! Great work Dick!

Delingpole really is one of the good guys isn't he?

By the way I was on the ASH site the other day (I didn't want to be - I was helping a student write an essay on the Smoking Ban) and I was amazed that they have a little section called "Bad Science" or "Erroneous Research or somesuch, and they have Enstrom and Kabat listed on there. No reasons, no fisking of it (as the likes of Chris Snowden so regularly does to their junk science). It's just there, under "Bad Science".

Nutters. Nazis. God, how I hate them - not even so much because of they've thrown me out the pub but moreso because they're such a bunch of obvious charlatans peddling invented rubbish for the benefits of their Pharma paymasters and NO-ONE, ANYWHERE in tyhe MSM or Government ever picks them up on it. In the old days a "Panorama" could have been done on ASH and it would have been an explosive expose that would have been a genuine talking point and won awards. Now they dictate policy. THAT is why I hate ASH so much, and also why I find them so very, very sinister.

Anonymous said...

Looks like ASH's AGM enjoys the level of support of its SmokeFree pubs. I suppose you could say that everything ASH touches turns to, well, ash...

...and wot Mr A said.


Pogo said...

Which one is he? The young twat on the left or the old twat on the right?

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

got an ID yet?

A nice head shot poster would be good - I'm sure The Grumpy Old Twat would oblige with a suitably offensive bit of Photoshopping

Dick Puddlecote said...

The young twat on the left, Pogo.

BTS said...

They both look a bit old to me..

But the one on the right looks like Christopher Lloyd from 'Who Killed Roger Rabbit?'