Wednesday 31 March 2010

Not Today, Thanks

Quite a few have noticed that there's something whiffy about Power 2010.

Today, anyone who took part in their web poll will have received a Power 2010 e-mail attributed to Billy Bragg ... which kinda confirms all such suspicions. Who are we going to hear from next? Ben Elton? Tony Woodley? Swampy?

I'm so out.


Curmudgeon said...

Now I wonder who they're going to get to write to us (if anyone) about "English votes for English laws"...

JohnRS said...

Billy Bragg? It's what the delete key was designed for!

Anonymous said...

Well said Dick.
I was quite a fan in the early days and found their 'angle' quite refreshing but as time has gone on I have become a little more wary.

Couldn't put my finger on it but just had a hunch.

Billy fucking Bragg? Fuck off!

I'm outta there ;-)

g1lgam3sh said...

Power 2010

Sorry, we are currently changing our site.
For good.

We can only hope 'changing' means torching.

Anonymous said...

I got an e-mail from a friend
pushing the Bragg crap ,so I printed it out on the back of
a Utility final demand in draft mode, went for a collossal dump
and used the bragg bit to remove the

Butt a Trot a day

Anonymous said...

I thought that this whole Power 2010 thing looked good at the start, and signed up and voted on the site for the English vote bit, but like a lot of others I don't think that it is what it seems to be, still we shall see.

For the moment I am out.

subrosa said...

Count me out too. I felt exactly like you Dick when I saw the name.

BTS said...

I got that nsauseous feeling when I checked my mail this morning. It was just like that time someone* emailed me those naked pictures of Peter Mandelson. Ugh.

*Someone who has remained anonymous to this day, mysteriously signed as it was 'With love, Pete xxx'.

Mrs Rigby said...

I was duped too, hook line and sinker.

Anonymous said...

Early doors, the name Robert Peston was also linked.

That was me there and then.

Trooper Thompson said...

I came to the same conclusion a while back. I unsubscribed after the 'wanted for crimes against democracy' email, but before this there was one from Tony 'Baldrick' Robinson - didn't mention he's a Labour luvvie through and through, having sat on its NEC.