Friday 5 March 2010

Justice for Nick Hogan fund reaches target

Great effort from smokers and non-smokers alike.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That;'s sending a message. Shame it isn't no smoking day yet!
Congrats everyone and to Nick for showing the way.


Captain Ranty said...

Absolutely fantastic news!

Oh and erm, fuck you nanny!!

Old Holborn said...

erm....Freedom2Choose would disagree

Anonymous said...

We have enough enemies, without
making waves amongst ourselves.

Disunity serves only those who
would gloat over disaggreement
at this time.

Pause a moment before commenting

Time for joy not discontent

Anonymous said...

WTF are F2C doing?

As the Yanks would say, "Way to blow three years of hard-work with negative publicity."

What should have been a celebration of freedom-lovers against the Righteous has now turned into a hate campaign against F2C.

WTF? F2C were behind this campaign but it was OH who gave it legs. WHat the fuck are F2c thinking of by turning on OH? And from what I gather it's all about robbing Simon Clark and FOREST of publicity? Fucking hell - we're all on the same side!!!!!

Instead the good guys of F2C are being treated with the sort of contempt that is rightfully normally only reserved for ASH.

Stupid, stupid own goal by F2C. I hope they alter their front page. And yes I am a member and will remain so. But this is dumb, dumb, dumb.

Anonymous said...

The misunderstanding appears to be resolved. It's hardly surprising that these things happen on the net: people post anonymously and none of us knows anyone else. What's really astonishing is that so many of us were prepared to cough up our hard earned, give it to a blogger whose identity we don't know to pay for the release of a man most of us don't know! What a wonderful testament to the goodwill and trust among the blogging community - values which HMG has been eroding. And what a fantastic slap in the face for the odious ASH! Result!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the issue between F2C and OH has been resolved on this matter until I hear something to say it has been resolved, from the both of them. The Nick Hogan story is such an important event - there will be other political show trials and imprisonments to come - there'll be more need for togetherness in the future. So whoever or however this thing began, it should be carefully ended in a public manner to leave no further doubts - as there is a lot of power for the force of resistance against tyrrany riding, on exactly how this time plays out - because there is going to be more of this in the future as the state machine is ramping up for more trials against heresy. I hope next time, which is coming, all of the same parties can coordinate as well as they did this time as it will be necessary, if this despicable tyranny is to be brought into check. If only 10,000 persons donated 1 pound each, that might give the dictatorship some pause for thought. But there will be new show trials and new feedings of prisoners to the lion dens - and it may require the participation of 100,000 or 1,000,000, to cause more alarm among the dictating class, to cause sheer panic. Togetherness can do it, but division can't. Seeing something more concrete to signify the unfortunate back and forth of words has in fact been resolved would certainly be a feeling of comfort.

Mr A said...

@ Anon 8:27

Well said.

I know we all feel like we know each other but at the end of the day I don't know Nick, I don't know OH, and I don't know Dick. Yet I (and many others) coughed up cash regardless.

That says a lot for the power of the Net in uniting people against things that they see as being plainly wrong. ASH may have the funding, the media resources etc but at core they are just wrong.

It's been said many times but bears repeating. Despite their (taxpayer-funded) publicity machine, ASH raised £4000 in donation in all of 2008-2009. The British public raised double that in 4 days. Who is the real voice of the poeple here? Who should be listened to by Government and who should be ignored?

I hope some MPs can take some time away from fiddling their expenses to see what is going on here. Ignore the wishes of the people at your peril. ASH won't help you when you get destroyed at the election when people, in desperation, start voting for minority parties.

Anonymous said...

Money raised.
Nick to be set free.
Target achieved.
Not a time for fretting about who did what.

Move on,together,let those who
cause disunity
............Bugger off............