Tuesday 30 March 2010

Comment Of The Day

On the day that three MPs three lawyers turned up at court to face fraud charges, Enemy of the State continues the recent nursery rhyme meme at Guido's.


Sing a song of parliament,
Pockets full of cash.
Fraudulently claiming,
And adding to their stash.
With their ploy discovered,
They said they'll give it back.
If you or I had done the same,
We'd promptly get the sack.

Sing a song of freebies,
Snouts all in the trough.
Giving back their ill-got gains,
Is just not good enough.
Sponging off our earnings,
With a likely tale.
If working folk had done the same,
They'd soon end up in jail.

Sing a song of fraudsters,
Counting out their money.
They smile and look quite unashamed,
As though they think it's funny.
Sitting in a secret place,
Counting out their dosh.
On plugs for baths and cleaning moats,
For crisps and orange squash.

Sing a song of MPs
Who took us for a ride.
It's up to us at election time,
Their future to decide.
It's gone too far to bring back trust,
Of anyone in power.
To most of us they'll always be
A really great big shower.
(and a bunch of crooks).


BTS said...

Any chance that St Paul's with St Michael's C of E Primary School will be broadcasting a rap version sometime soon..?

HeartAttackSurvivor said...

Have a shufty at my attempt at describing the place...



Dick Puddlecote said...

Nice one, HAS, deserves a link for easy clickage. :-)