Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Dick Out And About: Smokers As Outdoor Fire Hazards

More evidence of psychotic anti-smoker tendencies (with video) (link).


Bucko said...

I dont believe what I have just watched. (and I have a quite irrational fear of being burned so that 2nd one was quite diturbing).

Those ads say that smokers are simply callous murderers.
And they are bollock - as if fags make cars explode.

Dumb shits

Anonymous said...

Well, I am a rabid hateful anti-smoking bigot and am happy such educational films are being produced - for this gives me the psychological backing I need in order for me to justify my fake-coughing up and down the streets and walking past smokers' apartment doors in my building so to send out the message, smoking is not permitted, smoking has been banned. Films like these give me the drive to show up at city hall, the apartment building management office, do constant anti-smoking posting online and make sure I am responsible for getting smoking prohibited entirely. That will of course garner me a lot of praise and applause, perhaps even an award from ASH itself for my sheer bravery (of following orders and going along with the herd).

Anonymous said...

They are meant to be humorous - aren't they. Trouble is that viewers will fall into two categories: a) antis who already believe cr*p like this and b) sane people who've twigged that smokers are being sh*t on and suspect they'll be next.

Neither will be amused.


John Pickworth said...

And its not just in America...

Smoking ban blamed for rise in fires

Glenn Simpson, Lancashire Fire and Rescue's community fire safety worker, said: "There is large problem in that members of the public, who have to smoke outside due to the smoking ban, are faced with a problem.

"If they throw their cigarettes on the ground they could face a fine for littering.

"Then again if they don't put them out properly and they go in the bin, they can smoulder for hours before a fire starts.

"It's a huge waste of time for the fire service and it costs money for the taxpayer."

Next week: The Moon Landings faked on the orders of Philip Morris.