Saturday, 27 March 2010

Don't Forget

Turn your lights on for a celebration of human endeavour tonight

During Human Achievement Hour, people around the world will be recognising the incredible accomplishments of the human race.

Originally conceived by the Competitive Enterprise Institute in 2009, Human Achievement Hour coincides with the earth hour campaign but salutes those who keep the lights on and produce the energy that makes human achievement possible.

Millions of people around the world will be showing their support for human achievement by simply going about their daily lives. While earth hour activists will be left in the dark, Human Achievement Hour participants will be going to the cinema, enjoying a hot meal, driving their car or watching television.

Human Achievement Hour 2010 will be between 8.30pm and 9.30pm on Saturday 27 March.
Let's rejoice in style by lighting up the joint as if it's Christmas.

Oh yeah, and don't forget to put your clocks forward tonight, too.

H/T Dizzy via Mr E


circus monkey said...

I am now going to leave the light on in my outdoor loo out of sheer spite. How's that?

Zaphod Camden said...

Of course, most of us now have low energy light bulbs (whether we wanted to be converted or not) and I was told that they're actually more energy efficient if they're left on all the time rather than being switched on and off.

Accordingly I had every one of those buggers burning sixteen hours a day during the winter. Hey, if they're using only 20% of the electricity of the old ones, why not? I still saved a packet...

Neighbours didn't like it much though. "You've left your lights on" one told me as I left the house. "Yes, I know" I replied, "that's so the burglars think I'm in and don't rob the place." Weren't we all told that on TV back in the day?

rsw37 said...

I proudly left all the lights on last night. The whole thing is stupid, burning a candle produces way more co2 than the electricity to run a light bulb. Goes to show that even they don't care about global warming, it's all just for show.

Ciaran said...

Whoops, missed it. To make up for that, I'll take the 26-year-old shameless gas and oil guzzler out for an hour long spin today.