Wednesday 3 March 2010

Society Is Off The Rails Under Labour

It seems that handing down heavy jail sentences on smokers is the new black this week.

A man who pushed a woman on to a live railway track after a row about him smoking has been jailed for four years.
As Leg Iron pointed out in a well-argued piece last month, the most recent recipient of Her Majesty's pleasure wasn't the instigator of this particular contretemps. Nor, it would appear, did he mean for his 'victim' to end up falling from the platform.

On the track, as she lay there, Ms Buchanan could see him standing over her and she thought he might do something else. 'But in fact he jumped down and dragged her back on to the platform.'
The actions of an attempted murder or could it be, just maybe, that all he wanted was for her to go away? Could it be that he did not intend to push her off the platform at all? She was, after all, the initiator of the altercation on both occasions so she must accept part of the blame, surely?
Still, he's a smoker so take him down, officer. And may God have mercy on his evil habit of not enjoying being hectored by a vindictive old bat.

Oddly enough, Mrs Buchanan wasn't the originator of the row that led to a working man being banged up, either. It's more than probable that had this obscene government not declared war on smokers throughout the country with daft and illogical laws, this incident wouldn't have happened at all.

But emboldened by the state's absurd over-reaction to any whiff of tobacco, her moral superiority was unconstrained, and her finger-wagging nature unleashed upon the untermensch.

There is zero health risk from second hand smoke on an open platform, nor will such a threat ever be found, but Labour's anti-smoking laws have never been about health so banned it is anyway, thereby heralding a green light for every holier-than-thou, busybodying prodnose in the land to interfere in the lives of others for their own righteous satisfaction.

And when retaliation occurs, the state steps in.

The result is a 33 year old, formerly employed, carpenter being put up in prison at our expense, and a now unemployed management consultant, after apparently suffering a stress disorder, no doubt claiming disability benefit.

To paraphrase and tailor that oft-quoted Francis of Assisi quote to fit this Labour government ...

Where there is harmony, may we bring discord. Where there is truth, may we bring error. Where there is faith, may we bring doubt. And where there is hope, may we bring despair.


JuliaM said...

Four years!?!

Anonymous said...

A pity a huge fucking speeding train didn't come along and smash this ugly busybody into hell.
Oh, then she could complain that the smoke from the fires is unhealthy.

Ciaran said...

While the actions of this woman (making a second attempt to start a fracas where the first had failed) are deplorable, pushing someone towards a railway line is not very clever either, whether you want them to go away or not.

Even if she reeked of perfume, which for some reason seems to be still legal even in confined spaces, it's still not acceptable.

What he should have done was remained calm and blown smoke in her face. Hopefully that would have prevented her from initiating a third confrontation, without the need to involve 'violence'. (Although in that case, he'd probably have been charged with attempted fourth-hand cancer causing)

Ciaran said...

More banning-things-related conflict.

Uncle Marvo said...

My thoughts, your words. Well put, sir.

paulo said...

Oh my God!

The bitch abuses the rights of an honest man and he ends up in nick.

This is really becoming a nightmare.

Oh my God.


Anonymous said...

The trick is when that situation evolves, through whatever reason, do not do anything further, do not do the role of good samaritan, simply turn and walk away - quickly - and disappear into the crowd, into the night or the back seat of the nearest cab - a vanish.

Bucko said...

Four years!!??
Chavs get suspended sentances for intentionally kicking the crap out of folk.
However, whereas chavs are simply misunderstood victims, smokers are evil.

I quit smoking cigars at the beginning of Feb and failed last week. After reading this and the Nick Hogan posts im not really sure if I want to quit. What I really want to do is find the biggest, fattest cuban I can get my hands on and walk all over town puffing away with a big cheesy grin. (Or even better, drive round town in a four litre jag while puffing on a fat cuban)

Anonymous said...

Yep -

Welcome to the Age of Idiocy !

Will intelligence ever become fashionable again ?