Saturday 20 March 2010

Link Tank 20/3

This Saturday's salubrious selection

Guinness is the father of modern statistical methods

Snoop Dogg thinks the New York smoking ban stinks ... after ... Bloomberg decided not to tolerate tolerance.

Labour plans to reduce the drink drive limit: Authored by the EU, supporting junk stats courtesy of a fake charity

Banning meow meow will only increase the harm it causes

Your chance to own the syringe which killed Jacko ... for $5m

France bans dedicated wine TV channel

Can England’s last Catholic adoption agency beat Labour’s attempts to destroy them?

PETA still killing animals, 2,301 cats and dogs last year

This week's hot female teacher on a sex with student charge

Getting fatter may be part of your body's defence against the worst effects of unhealthy eating

Slideshow: The 12 funniest newspaper retractions

Pubs that duck the smoking ban with beer gardens to be taxed

MillerCoors to make beer to a pre-prohibition recipe

Science’s love affair with statistics has spawned countless illegitimate findings


Anonymous said...

Shadow Housing Minister Grant Shapps has warned of a ‘tax bombshell’ faced by community pubs this April.

New research by the Conservatives reveals that Gordon Brown’s tax inspectors are hiking up business rates for local pubs across country. Friendly community pubs with darts and pool tables face the biggest threat.

Is this the same pale blue turd
who is an enthusistic supporter
of the TOTAL smoking ban.

What a multi faceted cringing

By the way, whats wrong with
hammering the yellow bellied
back biting cowardly publicans for
some extra dosh,the whimpering
two bit toadies deserve a kick in the teeth.

Four Eyed Pyramid

Stewart Cowan said...

Thank you, kind sir.