Sunday 28 March 2010

Sunday Morning Wisdom

Apologies if you've read these before today, but two articles from blogrollers yesterday, both prompted by this piece from Henry Porter in the Guardian, deserve as large an audience as possible.

Firstly, Tom Paine, usually a man of efficient wordage, delivered a long, and quite awesome, damning of this government. If I were to quote anything, it would be just about all of it, so please read the whole thing here.

Longrider also finds great form in commenting on Porter's piece.

Who would have thought, in the dying years of the 20th Century, that the United Kingdom would slide inexorably into acquiescent totalitarianism by the end of the first decade of the 21st? Not by the gun, the bullet or the bomb; not by armed insurrection or war; but for the chiiiiilllldreeen, for health and safety – oh, yes, most certainly safety, for it is a human right these days to be safe.
That's just a snippet, it gets even better than that, trust me. So go read the whole thing while I play around with bacon, eggs, fried bread, but not beans.

Not this week, anyway.

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bayard said...

A good argument for changing from the Royal Mail to encrypted e-mail. Yes, I know the powers-that-be can "rubber hose" decrypt any e-mail, but they've got to find you first.