Friday 26 March 2010

Mascot Watch (3)

Philip Davies lets rip at Power2010, who accused him of 'failing our democracy', on Conservative Home today.

As Conservative I believe in liberty. It is from this belief in liberty which my support for a smaller state derives. I do not believe that the state should interfere unnecessarily in the lives of individuals.
And ...

Take the example of the smoking ban, which is a clear affront to an individual’s liberty. If an individual wants to smoke, an activity which is perfectly legal, in a private establishment where those who attend do so of their own free will then they should be free to do so. The ban on smoking in public places is a clear restriction of liberty by an over intrusive state.
Yup, he still 'gets it'.


Angry Exile said...

On the subject of which, you seen this:"Children are being used as a smokescreen"?

I might blog on it over the weekend but it seems right up your street.

carbchick said...

It's enough to make you move to Shipley.

could he have a word with Paul Uppal, do you think? Cos I'm going to have a hard time voting for him.