Friday 26 March 2010

Exporting A Righteous Hypocrite

You may have noticed from previous posts that I've little time for self-serving, hypocritical, faux-righteous, money-grubbing, attention-seeking, socially-damaging, culinary whore, Jamie Oliver.

By way of attempt after attempt at right-on headline grabbing, he finally hit on one crusade which gained him the kudos to go with the book sales, and in doing so has cost the country a reported £1bn for little benefit, encouraged public health bansturbators, and introduced scope for a multitude of unintended authoritarian consequences.

Not that he should care too much. It's earned him a skipload of readies, so screw everyone else.

So, it's good to see that his decision to go the rock 'n' roll route and try to 'break' America is encountering stiff resistance. David Letterman, normally a welcoming host, was visibly dismissive of Oliver the other day, as you can see in this clip (and if you believed Oliver was only trying to encourage, and not coerce, before, your view may change at around 3:00)

Oliver is a parasite, an evil turd who is not satisfied with earning a fortune from entertaining and useful books, but instead wishes to tap into huge government reserves to impose his own life choices on everyone else ... for incredibly lucrative personal gain. He will claim to be acting altruistically but, if he truly believes that, he must be rather short-sighted (or thick) not to see the potential downside of his nagging.

Reason carries an article highlighting how Oliver is going to find it more difficult in the US where libertarian ideals are more cemented than over here.

These men, women, and children of the Mountaineer State may or may not understand Oliver and his British accent and order of chivalry, but they no doubt understand why he is there. They’ve read the same things I have—that Oliver would like nothing more than an invitation to the White House to make policy with healthy-eating Czarina Michelle Obama.

If Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution is a hit, then Great Britain’s so-called national treasure may find an Obama White House invitation is just the first step in one chef’s quest to subjugate the American diet.
Read the whole piece as author, Baylen Linnekin, contests Oliver's contribution to public health, both in the UK and the US, as well as incorporating a video to illustrate that the mockney twat has completely overlooked the real problem, and pointing out his bandwagon jumping nature in pursuit of approval.

Then, enjoy Charlie Brooker taking the holier-than-thou pratt apart in this BBC Four clip from three years ago.

Perhaps there is an upside, though. If he's successful over there, we might be lucky - he may never come back.


Curmudgeon said...

Couldn't agree more - the guy is an obnoxious creep who sums up much of what is wrong with our approach to health and lifestyle in this country.

paulo said...

Nope I don't agree.

Feeding turkey twizzlers, burgers made of God knows what, industrial chips and all the other crap is not just wrong but downright evil. I am not in favour of the nanny state but we surely have a duty to feed our children properly.

Why is it so wrong to campaign for simple, natural, seasonal and British food?

Given the state the country is in I think having a go at Jamie Oliver is just downright peevish. Maybe he doesn't always get it right but at least he tries - Fifteen Foundation?

He makes more of an effort than some other of our top chefs and should be applauded for trying.


Curmudgeon said...

Why is it so wrong to campaign for simple, natural, seasonal and British food?

Nothing wrong with championing it, but it is very wrong to seek to force it down people's throats and denigrate other people's choices.

There's a strong parallel with CAMRA's campaigning for "simple, natural British beer" and denigrating mass-produced industrial lager.

Can't adults be trusted to make their own choices?

And there's is a huge vein of rampant snobbery running through all the Jamie Oliver-type food campaigns.

Anonymous said...

Jamie Oliver !!!!
Thats bollocksed my sortie through
Blogdom. Is he the new face of
the Enlightenment or what?
Bit of advice for the lispering prat (and Paulo),as a young un I had a very healthy diet,it was
called post war rationing,plenty
of cabbage,cauliflower,sprouts,peas and haricot beans,spent most of my
adolesence in the shithouse,the only ones who did'nt fart all day were dead uns

So Jamie and Paulo
Have a chew on my celery stick

Gone with the wind

Chuckles said...

Why do you only dwell on his good points?

Another prick with a fork.

paulo said...


You are too old to be reading these blogs.Get yourself down the Labour club for a game of bingo.

Curmu - read my post c a r e f u l l y.


Dick Puddlecote said...

"Why is it so wrong to campaign for simple, natural, seasonal and British food?"

Nothing at all, Paulo, except that school providers aren't allowed to buy, for example, from local farm suppliers. It's a failure of the public sector and can't be fixed until public sector realises this. Throwing £1bn at the problem and blaming the public won't work.

But when it turns into a coercive movement, backed with money which government has no right to spend (state of the country and all that) and results in 400,000 kids removing themselves from school dinners, it's plain wrong.

Plus, as a previous post of mine talked about, the dinners offered by schools required cosmetic tweaking (turkey twizzlers for example) not wholesale destruction.

Oliver has encouraged overweening public health to spend £1bn for no efficient benefit.

The only real winner has been Jamie Oliver.

The Devils Kitchen piece illustrates all the bans that Oliver has called for in this country (what fucking right etc?), and the Reason article vid shows that the problem over there is exactly the same, that is caused not by what is served up, but by shoddy government rules.

Add into the mix that Oliver is quite happy to promote unhealthy food when paid by Sainsburys and in his own magazine and he's a horrendous, hypocritical, hectoring cock.

I hope the US tells him to fuck right off.

TheFatBigot said...

There is something decidedly creepy about frying an egg in olive oil.

Just look at what he produced. A fried egg with albumen like a goat's semen. Not a bit of crunch to the edges, the consistency of the rest of the white was no different from what you'd get if you poached it. Olive oil clashes with the flavour of egg and don't even think of taking brown sauce with it or you'd have the squits for days.

A fried egg requires dripping, a wholly natural fat that compliments the egg in flavour and cooks at a high temperature so that the albumen develops a singular taste. It isn't a boiled, coddled, scrambled or poached egg, it's a fried egg. It must have the distinct taste and texture that comes from frying and that required temperatures way above those used in the other processes and way above what can be attained using olive oil.

Plop it on dry toast and let the dripping sink in to add a hint of fried bread to the overall experience.

It was good enough for granny and it's good enough for me.

Antipholus Papps said...

I was with you right until the end but I'm sorry, you're still a faggot.

JuliaM said...

"Nope I don't agree.

Feeding turkey twizzlers, burgers made of God knows what, industrial chips and all the other crap is not just wrong but downright evil."

Your definition of 'evil' is pretty low. What word do you reserve for real atrocities?

lenko said...

You miss the point, Mr Puddlecote, the point being that this bastard, plus about a hundred others of his ilk,continue to clog up our TV channels.

And if it isn't cookery shows, it's bloody gardening, or how to buy a house, or how to sell a house... the list is endless.

When I come to power (or is it your turn first?) all these people will be quietly disposed of, and I shall make sure that TV shows what it was meant for -- re-runs of the Avengers, the Prisoner, and Mr Pastry doing the lancers on his own.

Or perhaps I'm getting too old...

Anonymous said...

Saw him on a TV advert last night and he ADDED SALT to his food, dose he not know that added salt kills 1000 UK people per second.

Chuckles said...


'When I come to power (or is it your turn first?) all these people will be quietly disposed of'

Why quietly? There's a TV show that a lot of people would get behind.

Pat Nurse MA said...

I hate Charlie Booker - he thinks a great game is to get a gun and take pot shots at smokers standing in doorways. He's a creep.

Pat Nurse MA said...

OK - so I obviously don't "get him" but it's hardly surprising I've lost my sense of humour :)>

Anonymous said...

typI am a fine food obsessed American who likes to share my ideals with others. I don't push or preach and I think Jamie Oliver is a disconnected moron with preconceived notions about the people he is "helping". He is disrespectful and calls these people f*****g stupid and then wonders why they are not receptive to his doctrine. He oozes with contempt and exudes a superior attitude. Not all Americans are like those he encounters in Huntington, which only says to me that he is determined to make us into caricatures in order to line his pockets. It isn't that they are mistrustful of foreigners, just a prick like him. Besides, wasn't he poorly received when he tried the same thing in Yorkshire?

I was in the UK recently and saw Jamie's American Road Trip (or whatever it was called) and he chose to focus on every stereotype and didn't bother to show the people who are doing great things with food.

His trash talking, self-serving negative ways will not help a single person on either side of the Atlantic.

bob said...

Oliver has just done the same old bullshit in Australia - endorsing the biggest supermarket chain, with some fluff about working together and checking ethics, which of course meant absolutely nothing happened except a nice payday for your pukka pal Jamie. But even worse the supermarket chain in question Woolworth's actually forced their fruit & vege supply chain to pay for the Oliver ad campaign against the suppliers wishes, with a 40% surcharge that lined Jamie's grubby pockets. This was little more than corporate blackmail as the two leading supermarkets in Australia control the food supply chain with agricultural contracts that can easily break farmers. Oliver of course said its nothing to do with him as a mere employee of Woolworths, but this is the guy who was actually banging on about ethics in his very same ads, yet it never occurred to him to refuse payment under these unethical circumstances of corporate behaviour. It also shows the hollow façade off the claim that he trades off, of his endorsements having influence over companies to better the standards. Bull shitter and Prick.