Sunday, 11 April 2010

£350,000 Well Spent

I see London Labour MEP, Hairy Moneyball, has been talking of issues vital to all Londoners again.

Last week I read an inspired campaign in my local paper about a group who successfully lobbied Sainsbury’s supermarket to remove sexist labelling from its children’s dressing up clothes. The clothes reinforced the typical gender stereo typing of roles including labelling a nurses outfit as ‘Girl’ and a pilot, soldier and superhero outfit as ‘Boy’.

The kind of stereo typing by a supermarket giant like Sainsbury’s is especially dangerous because the public trust and recognise what they are told by the brand it is therefore a powerful voice and has the ability to reinforce such messages. In this instance the message sexist labelling sends to children and young women is, that their aspirations will always be limited.
No it doesn't, you daft fucking bint, it's simply a reflection of the natural fact that little boys tend to prefer dressing up as a pilot rather than a nurse, and that little girls would much rather don an Elizabeth Swann dress than an Incredible Hulk one.

Isn't it comforting to know that Hairy is using her extra wide seat in Brussels, for which you pay around £350,000 per year, to highlight matters so essential for the prosperity of the capital?


Anonymous said...

I would be very worried if a little boy of mine was dressing up in a nurses outfit (especially the black stockings bit)
WTF is this stupid bitch on ?
Does this Government want to create homosexuals out of the classroom now to suit their perverse agenda ?

subrosa said...

You know Dick, I'm sick to the back teeth of these politically correct Righteous. They're everywhere. Is it any wonder it's only those with strong wills survive their regular onslaughts of drivel.

Gawd, give me strength.

Antipholus Papps said...

Oh, come off it! Surely even you can see that the casting of yet another white male as Doctor Who shows we have a long way to go in combating patriarchal assumptions about gender roles in the workplace? I won't be happy until a wheelchair-bound lesbian muslim is piloting the Tardis. Mary Honeytrap is absolutely right in smashing the nepotistic dick-swinging oligarchy of BBC executives!

I would also like to see Mohammad Ali played by Joanna Lumley.

Anonymous said...

Many years ago a study was done with young children and toys. Even when gender-specific 'signals' were removed and toys given to the 'wrong' gender, when left to their own devices the girls still opted for dolls and the boys for tools.

Moneyballs probably dreams of a transgender Barbie as the toy of 2011.


lenko said...

I recognised the sentiment in her quoted comment that "we must take every opportunity to challenge" etc etc.

I had a girlfriend once who operated on those kind of lines, and boy, was she a pain in the arse. She was unable to let any little point go without arguing the toss, and will go to her grave still believing she was the only one right. If St Peter gives her any lip, she will demand to see the manager.

Women are not equal -- they are different! Men are not equal either. They are different too, but different in a different way.

There! That's everyone offended. And now my work is at an end -- farewell!

Pogo said...

One of my boozing mates used to reckon that men and women were actually two completely different species that were capable of interbreeding.

It seemed like a wild idea...

Until you met his wife.

J Bonington Jagworth said...

I've not seen Ms H, but would I be right in assuming she's, er, a bit plain?