Thursday, 1 April 2010

Another Frighteningly Plausible April Fool

Smoking to be banned in pet owners' homes

As part of the review of legislation concerning dogs, a new proposal has been released with the intention of banning smoking in pet owners’ homes. A spokesperson for DEFRA is quoted as saying “Under the Animal Welfare Act 2006, if a pet owner knowingly exposes a pet to a risk of disease, they are committing an offence. Smoking in the presence of a pet will inevitably expose the animal to known irritants and carcinogens, which are likely to cause both disease and suffering to the animal.”

Local authority and RSPCA officers have already been instructed to investigate possible instances of smoking in pet owners’ homes. If smoking is proven to have taken place, the pet owner will be given two options: surrender of the animal into local authority care, or confiscation of all smoking materials.
As with the other 'joke' story I mentioned earlier, this isn't a new area for the righteous.

It first raised its pug-nosed head in 2002 and, a couple of weeks ago, at least one state-funded smokefree quango was still dribbling on about it.

Andrea Crossfield**, director of Smokefree North West, said: “Our pets are part of the family and they have as much right to be protected from second-hand smoke as our children and loved ones.

“Our evidence suggests that many smokers aren’t aware of the damage that smoking around pets can have.

“If animals could talk, they would probably be asking their owners to go outside to have a cigarette.”
Besides, a ban on smoking in private homes is already on the cards, and is almost certain to swiftly follow when if it is rendered illegal in cars. All this April Fool article does is point out another item of legislation that government could use to effect entry to your home if they choose to dictate your choices within.

It's not really funny if it could (or even will) happen, is it?

** You may remember nasal whiner Andrea Crossfield from Radio 5's coverage of the RCP report on smoking in cars.


Pat Nurse MA said...

Sadly, too many things that we would roar laughing about in the past have become frightening reality. None of it is funny any longer - all of it must be viewed as a potential assault on liberty.

Angry Exile said...

I doubt this is an April Fool. Some things are just too close to what some authoritarian Righteous twat would want to do in reality, and even if it was now the idea is out there the bastards will be nodding and going 'yeah, gooooood idea'. The fact that letting the cat out or taking the dog for a walk will expose it to disease anyway seems not to occur to any of them. Feline AIDS can be the result of a cat fight, and given what punchy little sods they can be it's almost surprising that more don't get it. Dogs can get conjunctivitis from sharing water apparently, not to mention fleas and ticks. Mostly less lethal than AIDS I admit, but then here we've got a nightmarish little bug called heartworm, and yes it's every bit as horrific as it sounds. I'm sure if I asked the vet he'd come up with much more. But of course all of that is less risky for animals than homeopathic levels of tobacco consumption.