Monday, 12 April 2010

The Wheat And The Chaff

Late on parade this evening as I've been learning some interesting stuff. They say that travel broadens the mind but so does pulling up your sleeves and getting mired in state and local red tape and bureaucracy. Still, as Robert Kyosaki talked about in his book, the more you experience in an array of different fields, the better your knowledge and the more armed you are for the future ... even if it is understanding better how authorities wish to defend their salary by making life as difficult as possible for everyone else.

Anyway ...

I've been thinking of compiling a list, originally it was for personal entertainment on election night, of those standing for parliament who we quite like, and those who are quite appalling.

Unfortunately, as Gerald Warner has highlighted, one of those near the top of any such list of the latter would be Tory MP for Tunbridge Wells, Greg Clark.

“Had it not been for Conservative leadership on the environment during this Parliament, Britain would have no feed-in tariffs, no renewable heat incentive, no ban on new unabated coal, no roll-out of smart meters and no Climate Change Act 2008. On every measure, Labour first opposed us and then adopted our policy. So will the Secretary of State say, ‘Thank you’ to the Conservative Party for achieving more in opposition in five years than Labour’s 19 ministers did in 13 years of dithering in office?”
I feel sure we would all like to thank the Cameronian Party for that pro-active record on AGW crusading and the further impositions it has planned for us. The appropriate date for expressing our gratitude is Thursday, 6 May.

Sadly, the deluded moron has a 10,000+ majority in a constituency where a polished turd with a blue rosette could win. Greg isn't even lightly dusted but will still triumph even if he anally rogered the local WI (actually, bad analogy as he'd probably increase his majority).

Which means he's one of many unshiftable opponents of property rights and freedom in the new parliament, if his turning up for a gloat at a FOREST sponsored event in 2008 is anything to go by.

Views ranged from those strongly opposed to the smoking ban to those broadly in favour. (Greg Clark, Conservative MP for Tunbridge Wells, told me that constituents often come up and congratulate him for voting for the ban. Hmmm.)
Yes, he's a bit of a cock all round, really. I'm sure he liberally enjoyed the hospitality, though.

On the flipside, the above event was hosted by our esteemed blog mascot, Philip Davies, who was talking perfect sense as usual, and would be at the very top of the 'friendly' list. See the video for yourself if you aren't yet fully signed up to the Davies fan club.

In contrast to idiotarian Clark, Davies has a mere 400 majority.

Considering that the Tory party used to be about self-determination, rights of the individual, and freedom from state interference, there's something not quite right with this disparity.

They're a bit mad, them Tories.

What we need is a list. A good one. Of those who are worth voting for in the coming election (from any party) as they will defend personal liberty, and those who should be opposed at all costs.

I'll start.

Good: Philip Davies (Tory, Shipley)
Bad: Greg Clark (Tory, Tunbridge Wells)

I'm sure we can come up with something definitive, given time. Suggestions welcome for golden time or the naughty corner. Pass it on.


Witterings from Witney said...


I would add Philip Hollobone and Douglas Carswell and any of those that have signed the Albion Alliance pledge:

(forgive the plug!)

Dick Puddlecote said...

Nope. No apology required.

We need a definitive list for a sidebar item.

We need more good 'uns but baddies too.

Anonymous said...

I'm in Philip Davies' constituency. I've seen quite a few canvassers for him... funnily enough, I've seen none for Labour.

He's a fantastic MP and we need more of his sort. And since the only party standing other than Lib/Lab/Con are the eco-loonies there's no-one to vote for here but him.

The Filthy Engineer said...

Lazy category?
John Stanley. MP for Tonbridge and Malling

Dick Puddlecote said...

Ta, TFE, I'll have to look him up. ;-)