Saturday, 3 April 2010

Link Tank 03/04

It's been a tough week. So many good looking stories, so many of which could be April Fools. I'm still not convinced that one of them isn't but left it in anyway after comments yesterday.

Gordon Python rides again

Modern parenting is rubbish

Anti-alcohol and the WHO are burying the benefits of moderate drinking

Sweden bans fake boobs over explosion risk

Germans are losing faith in climate change

Oxford City Council given a criminal record

In India, every person aged over 15 will be photographed and fingerprinted to create a biometric national database

Nearly a third of the population believe that something that isn’t there can kill you

Why do conservatives still love the drug war?

Why you eat that vindaloo even though you know it's going to hurt

Banning products because they taste nice

15 creative sculptures made from beer cans

What if your wife were a porn star?


Anonymous said...

I loved the "Modern parenting is rubbish" link.

One doesn't have to agonise about right or wrong parenting techniques for the simple reason that there is no right and wrong. There is only adaptive evolution.

Parenting is largely instinctive, and "traditional parenting" was the result of eons of evolution which ensured maximum survival of the offspring of those parents who follow their instincts.

It therefore follows that "modern parenting", formulated by a crowd of bed wetting liberals can only be a total load of bollocks.

thespecialone said...

My wife as a porn star? I did wonder what she did on her days off when I am at work! Errrr...she is 58 so unlikley!