Saturday, 10 April 2010

Burn The Fat Bastard!

Unhealthy! Unclean! Untermensch!

40ft effigy of boy eating burger [...] will be burned as part of healthy eating drive

The 40ft giant effigy - which will cost several thousands to make - is to be paraded through the streets of Barnsley as part of a healthy eating drive.

It will form part of the mayor's parade and summer gala in July before finally being set alight to symbolise 'the shedding of unhealthy elements of our lifestyles'.

The controversial idea was dreamt up by NHS and council bosses in the town to fight some of the highest obesity rates in the UK.
So, having achieved denormalisation and pariah status for smokers, and with similar plans for drinkers currently being hammered out, it's time to begin on the fatties.

Not a burning effigy of the food itself, you notice, but the fat boy who succumbs to evil. He must be cast out, demonised, and made to recant from his wicked ways by the Church of Health's state-funded crusaders.

If this is supposed to scare fatties into submission, it's not likely to work according to another professional body this week. Following swiftly on from the British Psychological Society stating that scare tactics backfire, comes the same conclusion from PR professionals.

Audience Communications chief executive Ed Gyde told a group of public health experts at the end of last month that campaigns that used shock tactics to target young people on public health issues had little impact on changing behaviour.
Yet sick-minded, state-paid health authorities continue with appalling initiatives such as burning the fat boy, or deliberately making fat people suffer, and those cuddly Change4Life ads will no doubt soon be abandoned for something more 'hard-hitting' (ie, psychotic) as the cries of 'something must be done' become more and more hysterical.

Organised hatred is not a fascist 1930s excess anymore, it is government policy. And it is being promoted by all three main parties.

I really can't find words to express the extent of my disgust at what these people are doing, what Labour have encouraged, and what opposition parties are quite happy to perpetuate.

It is hideous state-sponsored bullying, pure and simple. This latest effigy idea, especially, has massive potential to result in harm for fat kids, just as previous irrational righteous health drives have led to violence and death.

The picture above is of terrified health freaks burning Jews, whom they blamed for the black death, in the middle ages. Modern health nutters can't get away with physically burning those they hate anymore, but they can fantasise about it, so what better way to satisfy their sick urges than by seeing a burning effigy of a person who offends their holier-than-thou sensibilities.

There is only one way to describe them. Cunts. Every preachy, self-righteous, interfering one of them.

Niemoller has never been more relevant.


JohnRS said...

Every time I think the behaviour of the publically funded (ie by me) sickos in government can't get any worse they do something like this.

I was going to rant about how bad they are - but there's just nothing left to say about them.

Spartan said...

Burn Barnsley City Hall down instead. :)

My Thoughts My Country said...

You know what i would love to do to whoever thought of this idiotic plan.

Get one of THE most unhealthy burger, dripping in fat, with cheese and lashings of brown sauce and eat it in front of them.

Just to show them that i eat what i want to eat and you can't tell me what i can or can't eat.

We use to live in a free society, not any more we don't.

Unknown said...

Modern health nutters can't get away with physically burning those they hate anymore, but they can fantasise about it

Indeed they do DP, as you have ably shown over at our place.

And who could forget this?

Just when you thought the righteous couldn't get any sicker they come out with this against people who don't conform to the foodists view. DISGUSTING is not astrong enough word!

lenko said...

Another example of idiots with good intentions thinking that they have the answer to a problem, without thinking it through. Putting it another way -- it's the law of unintended consequences.

Though I will admit that fat people burn longer, with a brighter flame.

JuliaM said...

"...and with similar plans for drinkers currently being hammered out, it's time to begin on the fatties."

And everyone's favourite mockney chef will be cheering them on...

subrosa said...

The really worrying aspect of this is the complicity of all politicians in this behaviour.

To think the money could have been spent on medication which may well have saved some lives.

Anonymous said...

Let them go ahead.
Let the people of Barnsley see what a complete bunch of nut jobs and money wasters they have for a council.
I really sincerely hope it backfires on them .big time.

Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with a bit of bigotry,
prejudice,hatred ,incitement,
isolation,segregation of fat bastards,boozers,smokers and all
other parasitical blood suckers.
Lets all have a massive nationwide
Hate fest. Lets throw some other
tasty morsels on the bonfire,
hopefully with a government grant,
hows about Catholics,Jews,Gypsies,
Pensiones and any others whose face
dont fit.
Yes Siree ,one super duper Pageant
of Secular Despair washed down
with a fine vintage of Apathy.

Non sum Dignus

MU said...

Anonymous said...

It is indeed deeply worrying that those in power are dreaming up something like this.

But then for role models they have the likes of Stuart MacLennan, a Scottish Labour PPC, tweeting that pensioners are 'coffin-dodgers' and fellow train travellers are 'chavs'. Worrying that 1) this is how he feels about prospective constuents 2) he has so little nous that he uses such language in tweets 3) he was defended until the big guns decided he was too much of a liability at this sensitive time.

Thank God for blogs otherwise I'd feel like the only sane person left in the UK.


JuliaM said...

Actually, they have stunningly bad timing in Bradford, it seems... ;)

Anonymous said...

Makes you wonder what kind of repressive legislation or regulation is being cooked up (pardon pun), doesn't it?

Idiocies like these are usually precursors to further repression - it's Labour's modus operandus.

nbc said...

I'm going to rent a burger van for the day and set it up next to the bonfire.

Chuckles said...

Niemoller? Savonarola perhaps?

timbone said...

I sent a link to this blog to CllrTim in Barnsley (via twitter). I received this tweet from him a week ago:
"We quashed the burger burning thing btw. Strange ideas some people have."

Dr Eric Berg said...

Thank you for giving us insight about these problems.I have nothing to say against it!We all have our own opinion and that we will respect each one of us!!!