Thursday, 8 April 2010

Clever Or Daft, Your Decisions Are Still Not Your Own

Freedom to Choose recently reported on a study which tended to suggest that thick people make bad choices in life.

A study of 18 to 21-year-old men revealed that the IQs of smokers averaged 94 – seven points lower than non-smokers on 101.

Prof Weiser said: "People on the lower end of the average IQ tend to display poorer overall decision-making skills when it comes to their health.

"People with lower IQs are not only prone to addictions such as smoking. These same people are more likely to have obesity, nutrition and narcotics issues.

"Our study may help parents and health professionals help at-risk young people make better choices."
Yep. Stupid people need help. They are far too dumb to make their own decisions. It's up to the 'clever' righteous to do their thinking for them.

But then ...

Women who went to university consume more alcohol than their less-highly-educated counterparts, a major study has found.

Women who achieved "medium" or "high" test marks as schoolgirls are up to 2.1 times more likely to drink daily as adults.

Commenting on the findings, a spokesman for the Alcohol Concern charity said: "This raises concerns which need to be addressed."
Because, d'you see? Clever people need help. They are far too, err, clever, to make their own decisions. It's up to the righteous to do their thinking for them.

Now, am I alone in thinking that the study into alcohol and intelligence was probably originally designed to come up with the opposite result?

It matters not, though. Retarded or genius, the righteous always know better than you.


Uncle Marvo said...

I smoke. I am embarrassed of my IQ.

Anonymous said...

If most smokers were of the upper IQ classes we definitely would not
have a total smokingban,absolutely no chance whatsoever.The low IQ
classes and dimwitted publicans were easy meat for the zealots.
Most smoking Labour voters will still vote Labour even if they brought flogging back for smoking
in a carpark.

Classless with high IQ

Chuckles said...

Anon, you have it exactly wrong. The reason we have a smoking ban is that the chatterati have IQs highly correlated with their shoe size.

paulkearns said...

I had an IQ once - and it was quite high - no, it was very high.

That was, however, before I "discovered" that there were those who, despite having the IQ of the average cauliflower, simply "knew" what, in some way, regardless of my education, achievements and success I had missed along the way. I had never, despite all this, missed the simply and inescapable fact that "one size fits all" - how simply stupid of me. These people simply, through some way that, despite my intellect, KNEW what was best for me and everybody else and that, simple things like logic, proof, science or even natural laws did not actually apply to anyone but them - because they had "discovered" the "true way" that had eluded the best minds this planet had ever produced before. Only THEY (an not doctors) KNEW the true workings of the human body. Only THEY (despite almost 4 billion years of proof to the contrary) KNEW what the planet needed and how it all "worked" and how we should be punished for merely using the resources available - unless THEY used them to "teach" us about the truth.
We should, regardless of IQ, intellect, success, knowledge, or ambition be grateful that, for the first time in the 4 billion year history of the planet, we, as a species, have "at last" managed to breed the true "saviours" of humanity and, simply because they are thick as shit, arrogant as a traffic warden with PMT and as clueless as a retarded caveman with sever brain damage, we MUST feel grateful to be the first generation EVER to "enjoy" such wisdom.

Anonymous said...

To be honest, smokers who unquestionably submit to being forced outside in all weathers probably aren't deep thinkers. I doubt that many will even vote, let alone complain. The government would have known this before they introduced the ban.