Wednesday, 7 April 2010

£6bn Pocket Money

It was rather easy to spot the chosen Labour election soundbite at PMQs today.

Gordon was very keen to repeat the £6bn figure that the Tories plan to cut from public sector waste. I counted four separate occasions but there may have been more.

He'll have to try harder though as faithful lapdogs, the Guardian and Comrade Beeb, failed to pass on the scary figure in their write-ups. So you will hear it over and over again in the next four weeks just to embed it. Because it's a scary figure, and Labour like scary.

Just to highlight how scary it is, it's about the same amount Gordon spunked up the wall when he sold the country's gold at the wrong time.

And it is so very scary that it is almost - not quite, but almost - a third of the annual £18.4bn cost of our EU membership ... which Labour are quite happy with.

Just thought that info might be useful in case your local Labour PPC comes a-knocking.


Witterings from Witney said...

If any Lib/Lab/Con candidate comes a'knocking at my door (especially my sitting MP - Witney) they are liable to get a face-full of hatred, the like they have never hear previously.

I shall of course be most polite, however no doubt the words lying, smoking, referendum, immigration, self-opinionated, self-important, dishonourable, principles (lack of) morals, will slip in!

I do so hope they all come!

Sam Duncan said...

And it would keep the bloated money-grabbing state going for roughly a long weekend. Way to slash that deficit, Dave! Any more bright ideas? How about switching to second class stamps? That should save a few pence.

Christ. It's going to be a long four weeks. And a long five years after that, no matter who wins.

John Pickworth said...

Thing is... every time Gordon the Abacus floats these efficiency savings or the NI non-cut; he always frames it as the Tories are taking £x billion out from the economy.

What's he trying to suggest. That the Tories are going to hand it over to the French? Or is he so deluded that he honestly believes the economy is entirely comprised of the money he spends?

Okay, fair enough, he's politicking but you'd think the newspapers would be quick to rubbish it, or the Robert Pissedon from the Beeb who similarly believes if the Government isn't spending our money then it doesn't count.

Jeeze, I'm losing the will to live already.