Thursday, 15 April 2010

You Do It Best, When You Do Nothing At All

Fatherly chats influence smoking, Cardiff study finds

Boys and girls who discuss issues that are important to them with their fathers are less likely to smoke in their early years, a study has found.

A big factor in stopping children trying cigarettes was how often their fathers talked with them about "things that mattered".
Note that the headline wasn't ...

Scary TV adverts influence smoking, Cardiff study finds
... or ...

Tobacco display bans influence smoking, Cardiff study finds
... or ...

School-based smoking prevention programmes influence smoking, Cardiff study finds
Nope. Just dads.

Hardly surprising, really. What the state will never realise (or admit) is that we minions really can sort things out for ourselves occasionally.

In fact, more than often than not, positive results occur when the state keeps its interfering conk out of our affairs.

Did I hear someone say 'massive public sector cuts'?

(apologies for the Ronan Keating paraphrased title)


Unknown said...

Bloody new laptop, the writing is quite small, did you say massive public sector cunts? Should have went to specsavers before I got the laptop.

Anonymous said...

How many kids in Wales know who their real father is ,anyway what else is there to do in the Druid
infested valleys except sing ,smoke and bleat

Blodwyns boyfriend

Dick Puddlecote said...

Cuts, TBY, cuts! Understandable misunderstanding though. ;-)

Anonymous said...

The quangos and fake charities cost a lot of money.
Big saving to be had there.
Not to mention low impact on society.
Simply because these quangos achieve nothing.
In fact some of them like ASH destroy businesses so the y do more damage than good.
Cut cut cut .
I wish .

Anonymous said...

Talking about ASH
We could suggest something more than their funds being cut.

Even ASH is(are) are using fart flavoured clouds to stop us getting our GV and AL elsewhere.

NO I'me not going do-lally,, I'me just gravitating on a Ickesian plateau.

Not seen any cig&butt control helicopters lately,one local socialist div reckons the whirlys are looking for
crack cocaine pushers,,,,,,idiot.

Visitor from the planet Bachus in the Costellation Nicotenus Happimus

Ed Butt said...

If you treat people like idiots they tend to behave like Labour MPs.