Thursday, 15 April 2010

Dog Owners, Consider Yourselves Denormalised

Just a quickie as I have important stuff to do today.

Newark and Sherwood District council has banned dogs from nearly all of its parks, playgrounds and open spaces in the most severe clampdown seen in England and Wales.

"The council takes its responsibility seriously to work with local communities to keep children's play areas free of dog mess and its open spaces clean and green."
Remember, they're not banning dogs altogether, just asking you to step outside the areas they have deemed that you can't use. What's to complain about, eh?

And if you do object?

"Somebody has got to take a stand somewhere and I know we are not going to please all of the people but that's tough."
Oh, how fucking funny.

Do read the whole thing as squealing dog owners and bodies wonder what happened to personal responsibility and tolerance. And not a hint of fake science anywhere. After all, there isn't the need anymore since denormalisation became an acceptable political tool.

I think it's a cracking idea. Let's ban dogs from pubs too. Some people don't like them and choice and property rights should never, ever, be allowed to rear their ugly heads. For the chiiildren, of course.

Come and join us on the dark side, dog owners, you are now officially a stain on decent society. Enjoy your smokefree pint, with your dog safely shoved outside, and think on.

And yes, I'm being savagely sarcastic.

H/T Man Widdicombe


carbchick said...

I am rapidly reaching the conclusion that children should be banned.

Anonymous said...

Well yes and youths.
When you consider a large percentage of crime is commited by the under 25's not to mention they are far more likely to cause a road accident let's put the under 25's in "supervision camps".
It will make the world a safer place for small children !

So now Liebours axis of evil ..

Fox Hunters .
Dog ownwers.

Coming to a cinema near you soon.

Fast food outlets.

Anyone think of any more ?

JuliaM said...

The more 'victims' these policies create, the better!

Next time, people might not be so keen to shrug and think: 'Well, not MY ox being gored..'

Anonymous said...

As a dog owning,smoking,drinking,
meat eating,married ,heterosexual,
Roman Catholic,working class,
grammar school educated pensioner
can someone advise just what I

No wonder St George stayed in Turkey

PS Local councils are considering
closing town centre toilets on Sundays to save money however
extra council wardens are being
recruited to look for people using back streets as urinals and shithouses.

Ground Control

PJH said...

Can 3rd-hand dogginess cause cancer? I think we should be told....

Wonder if The Fail has an article on it - though I wouldn't put it past them to say it cures cancer.

Anonymous said...

While we are on the issue of
control freaks let us get used to idea of Gordon the Calvinist being control for the next 5 years....How you may ask.?
Voters like "real" people and we all know the three leaders are all arseholes but in Gordon's case,he's
a REAL arsehole,So there, suck that for the next 5 years

Eddy Plantagenet(1st)

Anonymous said...

@JuliaM 15 April 2010 10:05.
Your on the money there.
Simply because in some way we are all in some kind of minority.
That's why the turnouts are going down.
Their in the process of demonising us all sooner or later.
More and more of us are percieving ourselves to being the victims of some kind of government sponsored harrasment or tax scam.

Now then, what were the first words of the last speech of
Nicolai Chauchescu ?
The one he made just days before they put him up against a wall ?
They the politicos are victims of their own mindset e.g.
They bring in control freak policies to protect society,or so they fool themselves into believing.
They are sent a copy of 1984 ,the blinkers are on ,they say no it's not like that we are just trying to build a better society.
Then cannot rule without mandate.
They cannot rule without the support of the public.
They are in serious danger of losing both
Chauchescu found himself in that position ,when the crowd turned on
Chauchescu if you watch the video you will notice a look of utter suprise on his face ,he genuinly believed his own bullshit.
This lot have made the same mistake.
When the green taxes hit hard.
When most adults have been criminalised by some petty regulation.
Dissent will grow.
That will be the trigger .
Enough is enough after all.

Anonymous said...

"As a dog owning,smoking,drinking,
meat eating,married ,heterosexual,
Roman Catholic,working class,
grammar school educated pensioner
can someone advise just what I

DITTO except I am an atheist.

The witch from Essex said...

I love dogs, cigarettes, drinking, all food (especially meat)

I hate cheeeldren and really don't care if the world gets so hot/cold that they will all die off in a couple of hundred years time.

lenko said...

Now be reasonable... there have been too many incidents of under-age dogs getting rat-arsed in pubs, smoking, swearing and trying to hump the barmaids, and then fighting and stabbing each other in the streets, especially in Barking.

It's time we tackled these terrierists!


Anonymous said...

These non-dog owners keep up their arrogant pretense that they have any business jogging, cycling or playing a game of football in the park. They don't. The point of the park is for me to allow my dog to go for a walk & a shit.

Sometimes I will call my dog away from another park user after as little as 30 seconds of him barking & growling at them when I realise that for some reason they don't like my dog. I can't understand why- I live with him & he has never bitten me, so why should they be scared by him?