Friday, 2 April 2010

What A Scorcher!

It's not often I use that thar tag below but, as you can see, March was quite interesting.

A haughty righteous forum once accused me of writing 'like a tabloid', and I probably do, but it would appear that such vernacular is appreciated because last month saw over 20,000 visits.

There's a bit of a blip in February. Firstly, because it was a short month of course, but also due to the fact that I was so immersed in tinkering with the new blog design that I failed to notice the stats code had been deleted for two days.

But the trend is still upwards, so a huge thanks to all of you who return here day after day to read this, evidently worthless, tabloid guff.

I was thinking of making improvements by saying 'Cor!' a lot, doing bingo, and having a bird with her tits out commenting on the day's events, whaddya reckon?


Dominic Allkins said...

Why worry about the bird with the tits out making comments??

The tits will do ;-)

Ollie Cromwell said...

Dick, you are also making steady progress up the WIkio rankings. My crystal ball tells me you will be up fourteen places from 59 to 45 when the April figures come out next week.

carbchick said...

not sure about tit-woman but I would like the two chaps in the picture at the top to bloody well get on with it.

Mummylonglegs said...

Could you tell me how you get your stats. I can't find a widget on blogger so I assume I need to find one else where.

Cheers, Mummy x

The Network said...

If the public are moving away from the MSM to the bloggers that has to be good news for all

JuliaM said...

Blogger has Google Analytics, for all your stats needs.

Though I think I only checked mine for the first few months after installation, then clean forgot to do so!

Must go check now.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Dominic: Good point. I have a sneaking suspicion the ones in the Sun don't really have a view on the Budget deficit or team selection for the Ashes, anyway.

Ollie: If true, it must be a fluke. ;-)

Carbchick: I had to think about that for a bit, very funny. I'd never noticed before.

Mummy: As Julia says, try Google Analytics, or try - I have both but find sitemeter easier to read at a glance. GA is better for more in-depth stuff.

Network: Indeed.

Anonymous said...

Allthough not a big fan of Blogdom
seeing it as little more than an extension of the nouveau chattering
classes , I do enjoy a glance at some of the invisible crusaders.
Personally I would rate Dick in the
top ten as his topics are catchy and rellevent.At the moment bloggers hardly pose a threat to the established order,when they do,
what then ,we ask ourselves.
Carry on Dick


Chuckles said...

'I was thinking of making improvements by saying 'Cor!' a lot, doing bingo, and having a bird with her tits out commenting on the day's events, whaddya reckon?'

Might raise the tone of the place a bit, yeah.

Man with Many Chins said...

Tits are always good:-)

Mr A said...

Yes to tits.

Maxim and their ilk have celebrity bikini and lingerie shoots. Any chance of Deborah Arnott? All that healthy living must mean she has a body like a Goddess. Just think of it - if Kate Moss looks the way she does on 20 a day and Naomi Campbell looks fantastic at 40 whilst living on mountains of Coke, imagine what Arnott must look like in a high cut bikini!


Anonymous said...

Like someone with a triangular, featureless face and huge mutton-chop side-whiskers.

Anonymous said...

Keep sticking it up em dick, well done,good luck.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Chuckles: It could, but then I don't want to appear too highbrow. ;-)

MWMC: You obviously haven't seen some that I have.

Mr A: Jesus fucking Christ! I'm going to require a gallon of mind bleach now.

Captain Ranty said...

Well deserved numbers Mr P.

Keep doing it the way you want it done. It is working.


Dick Puddlecote said...

CR: Thanks chap. It's also quite satisfying that last month was just under a third of the yearly visits non-tabloid euro-trougher Hairy gets. ;-)

lenko said...

Dear Sir, I found your suggestions about improvements to your blog both tacky and tasteless. I believe you should lose the "Cor" and the bingo, and just concentrate on the tits.

Though an assortment of robins, blackbirds and finches would not go amiss.

BTS said...

Does that mean that you have the most popular Dick in the internet..?

Anonymous said...

Yeah Ive also had many arguments with her- first on "filthysmokers", then on F2C during that brief period, not to mention various forums. I also think she is "TrueBalckpuldian" on stories about Hamish.


Anonymous said...

Ignore previous- it was for another thread regarding Lesley/Lilac.

BTS said...

I do love their judicious use of the terms 'Dick's staff' and 'standpipe', not to mention the fact that '"Our plumbing folks will be going out there on a courtesy call to make sure a back flow device is installed.."'

They really do care about you after all..

And your prostate. Apparently.

Unknown said...

Oh I do love a bit of porn Dick and that graph is definitely phalic. I do hope ours over at the F-2-C blog is just as much a turn on as yours when we celebrate our first years birthday in May, but somehow I doubt we will match up to a "mines is bigger than yours" stat porn contest.

Your blog and style of writing is a well deserved hit in blogger land, tits or no tits.