Friday, 2 April 2010

Oliver, Oliver, Never Before Has A Chef Been A Bore

Oh the joy.

It's not going well for righteous hypocrite Jamie Oliver over in Yankland. Even fellow lefty luvvie Brits think he's a bit of a cock.

Jamie Oliver’s bid to slim down America has suffered another blow as Ricky Gervais declared he stood “no chance”.

“It failed in England. He tried to get them to stop and no, they like fat,” the comedian said.

“If you go to a fat person, it’s not a surprise, they know what’s making them fat – it’s all the pies. They know that. If you go: ‘Ooh those pies are fattening’, they’re not going to go: ‘Really? I thought it was the jogging that made you fat?’

“It’s their choice. Fat people don’t get fat behind their own back. No one’s sneaking into their apartment when they’re out and injecting their lettuce with a million calories. They know why they’re fat and they like it.”
Meanwhile, a survey of kids in a school where the mockney twat had been filming suggests that they, like those in the UK, are rejecting his recipes.

A survey conducted at the West Virginia school featured in “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” won’t surprise anyone who’s seen the first two episodes: Kids liked their standard institutional food better than Oliver’s made-from-scratch menu items.

And when denied the food they were used to, many stopped buying the school lunch.

The survey at Central City Elementary in Huntington also found the children drank less milk after Oliver removed the sugary chocolate and strawberry bottles.
Hey, Jamie. Never mind fella, just like J R Hartley found, there's still a few more countries to try.

I hear there are a few porky kids in Outer Mongolia. Why not fuck off over there and interfere ... for about a decade?


paulo said...

This is becoming seriously tedious.


Dick Puddlecote said...

Not at all, it's up to the minute reporting. ;-)

rsw37 said...

Not sure if you're a south park fan, but you would probably appreciate the latest episode. They enforce a federal ban on KFC because it's fattening to which a black market is created. The best line in the episode is when the colonel kills one of the traders because he was 'a snitch for Jamie Oliver'

BTS said...

I'm willing to rescind my years of not eating meat if anyone else is up for skinning and roasting (no, not like that you dirty bastards..) that fat fuck Oliver..?

Hoisin and plum sauce with cucumber and spring onion served with pancakes would be my preference, but all suggestions are welcome..

Anonymous said...

Hoisin and plum sauce with cucumber and spring onion served with pancakes would be my preference, but all suggestions are welcome..

This carniverous crittur has a few
suggestions but my polite upbringing holds me back.

PS Why does'nt Jamie try sous sous
in Darfur

paulo...seriously tedious ?
What is'nt tedious ?
Have a chew on my leek

Homo Vulgaris

Anonymous said...

Oliver's face looked like a smacked arse when the US interviewer (a previous thread?) challenged him with, "Who made you the king?" LOL


John Demetriou said...

I'm glad you say this stuff about Oliver - it's important that this liberal pious twat is battered in blogland. Well done.