Monday, 19 April 2010

Clear Signage

Man Widdicombe has kindly supplied me with a couple of samples of his delightful signs.

Yes, I know you're jealous, but just pop over to his gaff to find out how to get lots of your own.

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Anonymous said...

If one were wise, one would post these signs around all outdoor smoking areas and soon. Outdoor smoking bans with outrageous penalties are in fact quite common in some cities along the Western US coastline. Don't think it "won't happen here", because the experiments have already been implemented in the same locales that first implemented the indoor bans, and the indoor bans have indeed "happened here".

CS Lewis makes comment in one of his books about loss of God granted freedoms in one of his books, refering as example his hearing of a man in Britain who was forced to ask council permission to build a small shed in his own backyard. What would he or Orwell say today if they were alive and saw the confiscation of God given freedoms of the most basic sort.

I'd say place these signs, and place them aplenty, to let one's sympathies be known, before it's too late.