Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Someone Give That Woman A Slap

Much as it pains me that a mathematical error should have remained in prime blog location since Sunday, that thing called 'real life' has been getting in the way of clandestine Puddlecote activities.

A substantial annual voluntary contribution of my time (yes, libertarians do that, too) has hampered writing efforts, as has attendance at a kids' party which would have vigorously tested anyone's skill at repressing their primitive homicidal urges.

Talking of which ...

Europe steps up pressure for smacking ban on human rights grounds

Speaking ahead of a meeting in Strasbourg, Maud de Boer-Buquicchio, deputy secretary general of the Council of Europe, which monitors compliance with the European convention on Human rights, said [...] “The UK is one of the countries that has not yet implemented a full ban,” she said.

“In part, this is because the traditional parent-child relationship in the UK is one of authority [and] state intervention into family affairs is still not welcome.”
You see, the EU don't want parents in the UK to be in authority in the home.

Kids should be able to run wild, run free, and be without a care in the world. It is their human right to run out into roads as cars are using them *; to climb walls at 4 years old in order to look down from the 8th floor of a multi-storey car park **; to throw tantrums in Currys when denied an X-Box while parents meekly and pathetically plead with their infant masters to stop.

That's the way to a better society. It's obvious when you think about it, isn't it?

Parents being in authority over their kids? What a bizarre notion!

And as for the idea of state intervention in family affairs, what's not to like? Come in, Mr Council Families Inspector, have a cup of tea. Would you like a room to yourself in which to allow the children to gain revenge for having their pocket money docked for not saying 'please' ***, or do you need to take them to somewhere away from here?

Oh, the grounding. Yes, that was because we caught the 14 year old girl shagging a 40 year old tramp behind an industrial bin. What's that you say? It's her right to be allowed out? £100 penalty charge notice for parental false imprisonment? Yes, sir, we won't do it again. Promise.

Listen, Maud de Beer-Pistacchio or whatever your name is, I've seen the future of our country first hand. Children who have nearly reached double figures in age without a clue about manners, or how to behave in public, with parents who couldn't give a fucking stuff about it. Some of them are years overdue a bloody good smacking, and that is in a fairly affluent area of the country.

Yet some lefty idealist fuck-monkey, in another pigging country, is trying to impose her view on family life on others ... and British MPs are actually listening to her. Now, tell me Cleggy-boy, again, why the EU is such a marvellous institution?

There really are times when one wonders if someone has been putting mercury in the fucking water. Mad as a box of frogs with distemper, they are.

* Yes, I've smacked one of mine for that
** And that
*** And I do that, too


Anonymous said...

* good for you
** you might consider letting them jump next time, they won't do it again.
*** what pocket money?

DaveA said...

I say quite openly I have smacked my kids. We try the 1. reasoning approach, 2. the firm approach, the 3. telling approach and if all fails it is 4. smack time.

Rudeness to adults and disrepect to their mother, means steps 1-3 maybe ignored depending on severity.

The EU can mind its own business.

bayard said...

I'm sure the likes of Ms Beer-Pistachio would really like children to be removed at birth and raised by the state to prevent any wrong ideas being passed on. Come on, that's reasonable isn't it. After all kids from children's homes always turn out as model citizens.....

Anonymous said...

Puzzled by the liberal elite's
concern for the young one's
welfare ,bearing in mind their rampant support for butchering
the little ones while still in their mothers bellies

Total degenerate hypocrits

The Free Corps

Anonymous said...

"There really are times when one wonders if someone has been putting mercury in the fucking water. Mad as a box of frogs with distemper, they are."

No, they put it in the lights.

Man with Many Chins said...

What DaveA said...

Mrs Rigby said...

"* Yes, I've smacked one of mine for that
** And that
*** And I do that, too"

Yep! Must be bad parents. Funny how the kids are turning out okay.

There's a heck of a difference between a smack and a beating.

Jonathan Miller said...

I agree absolutely on the smacking bit, but must point out that the Council of Europe is not the EU.
The Council of Europe is what we signed up to, binding us to the European Convention on Human Rights. The EU is a separate organisation dedicated to socialist subjugation of Europe.
...and yes she can fuck right off.

Anonymous said...

Cleggs a quisling.
It wouldn't suprise me if he works for the EU commisar for Britain.
Funnily enough I'm beginning to think a lot of them do.
Now who would the Brussels appointed Lord be ?
I wonder .no don't tell me it's on the tip of my tongue.
Oh yea Mandy

BTS said...

You've revealed your error here Dick:

'* Yes, I've smacked one of mine for that'

No, not the smacking, the suggestion that they are in any way 'your' children. They're not. They're the state's.

Just think of Ed Balls hanging around by the school gates muttering, 'Dave? You're my child now, Dave'..

Ciaran said...

Although I can remember being smacked and can't see how it ever did me any harm we don't smack our kids. I don't think it's necessary, or sets the right example.

On the other hand, I wouldn't dream of criticising anyone else for doing so, let alone mandating their parental choices from some far-off country.

Sam Duncan said...

“...state intervention into family affairs is still not welcome.”

Oh, so much said in one word. It's that “still” that's the giveaway, isn't it? That's what turns it from an innocent observation into a threat.

“These crazy Brits with their quaint notions of privacy and limits to the role of the state. But we're wearing them down. It's only a matter of time until they happily invite the bureaucratic machine to intervene in their most private affairs.”

And JM's right: the Council of Europe isn't the EU (although the EU stole its flag). I always had it down as the good and deserving pan-European organisation. Just shows how wrong you can be.

Anonymous said...

Is it "Brave New World" where the children are birthed in an institutional hatchery maintained by the government and indoctrinated from day one into the glories of the state? It seems the ultimate goal toward which things are progressing in an international direction, not just in UK. But it at least insures that no child will grow up to enjoy smoking, drinking, binge eating, free thinking or any other joy of life God meant them to have by placing them here on earth. They can be manufactured to suit the needs of the ruling class, which will be small. And this is what the majority seems to want these days, the sure road to hell and damnation, for their own progeny for whom they must surely care little. Love does not equate to kindness, nor vice-versa. Sometimes love requires an unkindness or rude awakening in order to jar forth the spirit of greater self-control, responsibility and for the child's better good in his or her future, once grown and on their own. How selfish to think differently, how short-sighted and in a more reasonable age this idea would have been laughable instead of laudable.

Man with Many Chins said...

Anonymous said:
"Is it "Brave New World" where the children are birthed in an institutional hatchery maintained by the government and indoctrinated from day one into the glories of the state? "

I don't know if I agree with the "God meant them to have" as not really a believer, but I totally agree with the rest of the sentiment of your post.

Maturecheese said...

How many times have you been in a shop and there is a little brat whinging and tantruming because they can't have their own way. If their parent gives them a smack to stop them performing, the righteous would pounce immediately and the hapless parent would no doubt be up in court. The upshot of that is the rest of us just have to put up with it. Mind you there are those parents that think their little Johnny has the right to piss everybody else off as "they are only being children".

We have become FAR too Liberal and it is destroying the fabric of our society. What do the politicos do about it? Even more of the same, that's what. The utter Bastards!!