Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The Customer Is Always Right?

Not if you're in the advertising industry, it would seem. Some mischievous soul has even set up a site for stressed marketing guys to let off steam, subtlely named

It's fast moving, too, containing insightful observations aplenty, such as this.

Charity clients are cunts. Everyone I've ever met. Only give a fuck about getting their OBE. Did a radio ad once for Help the Aged and six of them turn up. SIX! For a fucking radio ad. Their fucking Taxi bill could have been used to help someone. Pissing donated money up against the wall. What a fucking cunt that client was.
To be fair, there is a sister site,, which carries five times as many incandescent rants.

Transport - you know, big hairy tattooed foul-mouthed guys in trucks - is serene by comparison.

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JuliaM said...

Got to agree re: charities. My personal bête noir, Age Concern, used to be brimming with staff, all the while they were slashing services and raising prices.

A big con.