Saturday, 29 May 2010

Anti-Smoking Kills

A while back, I mentioned in passing the death of one of the most prominent American anti-smoking advocates.

Ronald M. Davis, MD, the immediate past president of the American Medical Association and a longtime advocate of healthy lifestyles and ending health care disparities, died Nov. 6 of pancreatic cancer. He was 52.
Well, recently, an equally world-renowned anti-smoker, but one who is especially relevant to the UK, has also passed away.

Tribute to anti-smoking campaigner, researcher

Professor Konrad Jamrozik was Head of the School of Population Health and Clinical Practice at the University of Adelaide and was a tireless campaigner against smoking.

He died as a result of a sarcoma.
Most will never have heard of him, but Jamrozik's four years at Imperial College London culminated in his producing the first research to declare categorically that bar workers were dying as a result of passive smoking.

It was fraudulent nonsense, of course, and easily ripped to pieces considering he employed an astonishing torturing of statistics, and quite laughable mathematics, to come up with his fantasy conclusion. However, it was this study, more than any other, which conned dull-witted politicians into voting for blanket smoking bans in all provinces of the UK.

Jamrozik was 54.

Both died of conditions which have been categorised as 'smoking-related', so therefore in statistical terms, they are counted as one of us.

Sometimes, one must wonder if God really doesn't like anti-smokers very much.


Anonymous said...

Maybe God has sense of humour.

I seem to recall a recent high heidyin at the WHO died in their 50's and an ardent female anti-smoker from Canada too.

Perhaps someone can statistically prove that anti-smoker mentality elevates all forms of risk.

JJ said...

Sorry DP – but I won’t be shedding any big tears for this man. His work was once quoted to me by my shitty county council as being a benchmark by which they further extended their policy of non-smoking in public areas surrounding Kelham Hall.

When I asked for autopsy evidence for 11,000 so called deaths each year by ‘passive smoking’ which they reported in their council newspaper, I was referred to one of his studies which showed the above figure.

Any epidemiological study is nothing more than ‘statistical conjecture’ based on observational studies through questionaire, and not one study ever produced, contains intrinsic scientific or medical evidence concerning ‘passive smoking’.

Remember how disingenuous these people are…a mature professor of some standing presumably had asked at some stage what physical evidence actually existed to validate these epidemiological conclusions that he made on a regular basis. Or he had asked – but always knew such evidence was never there.

After all…why grasp at the straws of nebulous epidemiology if you had autopsy evidence that ‘passive smoking’ actually killed someone?

Mr A said...

It wouldn't surprise me if it was a combination of the bile and hatred that constantly seethes within them and the uptight, anal paranoia they have for all things. I mean, I'm sorry, but it seems common sense to me that someone who spends every minute of their waking life worried about every little particulate and chemical that crosses their path is going to be far more unhealthy than a fun-loving, relaxed and sociable person who happens to smoke twenty a day.

The kind of mind-set one needs to actually become an anti-smoker just cannot be conducive to a healthy life.

In addition, it also puts the lie to their claims. Dying 20 years earlier than the national average is no small thing.

Ciaran said...

So this is just more proof of the dangers of 4th hand (a.k.a. just thinking about it) smoke, right?

Anonymous said...

I don't like to speak ill of the dead but I'll make an exception with Jamrozik .
Good riddance!

On the other hand it is a pity he didn't live long enough to be prosecuted for what in my opinion was criminal fraud.


The witch from Essex said...

Ain't life a bitch !!!
Shame he didn't enjoy a smoke. He may have lived to a decent age that most smokers do !!

J Bonington Jagworth said...

"He died as a result of a sarcoma"

For a moment there, I thought that meant it was the result of a sense of humour failure... :-)

Unknown said...

Here are a couple of quotes from an article I wrote two years ago.

"When John Reid moved to the Ministry of Defence, although he was still giving ASH a hard time, they and others, including Cancer Research UK, were jumping for joy. Patricia Hewitt was the new Minister for Public Health, a weak, easily manipulated MP, and they knew it. They were determined to get smoking banned in places of hospitality, so they pulled out their trump card. The Royal College of Physicians, (an impressive name, but don’t be fooled, they are only a charity), had launched figures by Professor Konrad Jamrozik on the amount of people in the UK dying from second hand smoke, highlighting the theory that this included one hospitality worker a week."

"Passive smoking. A theory which has never been proved, and never will be. Decades of quality research, all of which came to the same conclusion, no serious health risk in second hand/environmental tobacco smoke. Professor Konrad Jamrozik is an epidemiologist, he plays with numbers. On behalf of a charity with an impressive name, he predicts that fifty two workers in the hospitality industry die every year from passive smoking. To protect the workers, British MPs’, based on a ‘guesstimate’ which has about as much substance as Patricia Hewitt, vote to completely change the social fabric of society!"

Anonymous said...

He died from his own spite.

Unknown said...

Why I won't rub my hands with glee" at his passing!

Anonymous said...

Glenn Hoddle would have something to say about this. I'll follow my mother's advice. If you can't think of anything nice to say, keep your moth shut.