Wednesday, 12 May 2010

New Politics But Same Old Righteous

With all this electioneering going on, the righteous have been somewhat mute of late. Hardly surprising really considering politicians wouldn't have been at all interested while putting all their efforts into campaigning. In England, there weren't even, officially, any MPs to nag!

But barely have the Chuckle Brothers stepped through the door of number 10 than we hear the starting gun for the next 5 years of lobbying, ear-bending, shrieking and truth-distorting from these hideous bastards.

And, as we are sadly now accustomed, the vanguard are targeting Jockland again.

In order to curb dangerous drinking, supermarkets must be prevented from selling cheap alcohol and awarding loyalty points with purchases, [Dr Catriona Morton] says.
Loyalty points, eh? That's a new one. And somewhat desperate too if this ridiculous fucktard truly believes that withdrawing a 1% reward is going to make any difference whatsoever.

It's the only part of the article I haven't seen or heard (or both) many times before, though. While everyone is talking of the 'new politics', the righteous are treading the same worn out path; still peddling the same fucking lies.

We are facing a new pandemic - alcohol as a major risk factor for poor health.
You mean 'new' as in 'not new at all' (see myth No. 1)?

In Scotland, the majority of adults are exceeding recommended drinking limits and 5% (probably more) are alcohol-dependent.
These limits, as I tire of keep emphasising, being about as scientific as closing your eyes and thinking of a number. And exceeding these plucked-out-of-a-gipsy's-arse limits, and therefore being classed as 'hazardous', is as innocuous as enjoying 8 cans of Stella per week ... yes, I really do mean per week.

Catriona the Insane carries on ...

We need to do something now to protect not only the health of Scots but the NHS.
I sense the 'cost to the NHS' lie coming soon. Sigh.

Pandemics require robust, evidence-based policies.
You wouldn't know objective evidence if it tickled your arse with a fucking peacock feather, Catriona. Hideous shitsticks like you work on fear, manipulation and holier-than-thou condemnation ... with a hefty chunk of fake charity cash thrown in.

some alcohol now costs less than bottled water.
No it fucking doesn't. Now what was it you were saying about evidence-based policies? Just a paragraph ago, in fact. Let's make this absolutely clear to you. ALCOHOL HAS NEVER, AND WILL NEVER, COST LESS THAN WATER! Now stop fucking lying.

Unlike cigarettes, alcohol does not necessarily harm at "low doses", but our epidemic is because of pervasive high levels of intake, and this is more than sufficient to justify restricting both price and points.
It justifies nothing of the sort. We don't jail a whole town because a few of them are thieves, so why punish all drinkers for the actions of a few?

Following the Scottish smoking ban in enclosed public places, there has been a 20% drop in heart attack admissions in non-smokers ( and a 17% year-on-year drop overall).
No. There. Hasn't.

Prior to the smoking ban, there was good public health evidence to support it - we now face the same scenario in relation to alcohol.
Still following the tobacco control template, I see. Hey CAMRA, you watching this? Do you hear the sound of the big righteous guns coming for you? Always remember that you gave them succour when they were perfecting their methods ... and now they're using them on you. Happy now, twats?

The financial burdens to Scotland of this continued level of drinking are commensurate: over £400 million NHS costs, £170 million for social work and all told, an estimated £2.25 billion a year.
Yep, I could see that coming a mile off. The old fallacious 'cost to the NHS' chestnut. Completely ignoring duty on alcohol, pension savings, and the simple, unavoidable fact that drinkers are no more a burden on NHS resources than anyone else.

"It is true that, on the whole, healthy people cost the National Health Service, and indeed the pensions sector, rather more than unhealthy people." - Julian LeGrand, former government health adviser.
As I said. It's the same old guff regurgitated ad infinitum in the hope that each time it is trotted out a few more dullards will believe it. Why not? After all, they have hoodwinked the vast majority of our none too bright MPs.

Right Cameron, Clegg. You've been talking about new politics, yeah? How about knocking this shit on the head?

You want cuts? How about starting by sacking every mendacious, anti-social, righteous, state-funded fucknut - like Catriona Morton - out there? We'll believe your 'new kind of politics' if you start protecting your electorate from the tired old system of self-serving vested interests and puritannical headcases.

After all, how better to conclusively prove to us that your administration is about "freedom, fairness and responsibility", eh?


Chuckles said...

And of course, whatever the 'cost to the NHS, it is OUR money, not some mythical fortune being stolen from 'government' coffers.

BTS said...

Now, bearing in mind that I live in Surrey, how does one go about voting for the SNP so that Scotland can finally fuck off back to the Highlands and stop trying to encourage the whole of the UK to follow their example in skull-fucking the whole damned lot of us?

And I want seriously stringent border controls put in place. No fucking amnesties here, thank you Mr Clegg..

timbone said...

It would be good to see some money taken away from these false prophets and diverted into rebuilding Hadrians Wall

James Higham said...

We're all hoping they'll sack all these PC wet blankets and airheads.

Dick Puddlecote said...

BTS: "how does one go about voting for the SNP"

These days, I think you just pick your constituency and ask for a postal vote or twenty. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I love this comment.
Camra meeting 2015.
Well Mr Chumley Warner what do you think of the carrot juice xxx.
Yes yes excellent carroty nose with a puisance of carrotyness.
Marvelous ,now let us move on to the lemonade.
Oh sorry old chap ACTION ON FIZZY DRINKS managed to get fizzy drinks banned ,last week.
Jesus are CAMRA thick ot what ?

Anonymous said...

Oh Dick for heavens sake
just returned from a pleasant dead
night in a local watching smoking
allowed Madrid stuff non smoking
Fulham(fantastico) and you cock everything up mentioning the hop
sniffing mutants ,CAMRA and the
Presbytarian kilt lifting Picts.

Fliegende Hollander 6.5%

Anonymous said...

This one has a familiar ring to it, too:

“ ….. alcohol does not necessarily harm at "low doses" ……”

Anyone remember, way back when the anti-smoking movement was just starting out on its dizzying career, how, first, “up to 10 cigarettes” a day didn’t harm you. Then it was three a day. Then it was one a day. And then ………

As you say, DP, anti-smoking has set the standard and there’s no reason not to follow the same process to get the same results. Rule one being: target a small number of your chosen group first, so that the gullible masses think: “Oh, that’s OK. Not me, then” and don’t stop to think where this first, teeny little step might lead. Rule two: gradually scare enough people into cutting down their drinking to the “next” safe level. Then repeat, ad nauseum, until …………

I can visualise the newspaper stories even as I write this – “Alcohol Kills! Scientists have shown that even minor amounts of alcohol are a major risk factor for …………….”

BTS said...

Dick, there's no way anyone would fall for that. This house just isn't big enough for 20 peop..

Oh, wait a minute..

Anonymous said...

God, I'm getting more and more pissed off by this stupid meme - that supermarkets sell cheap booze. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The big supermarkets (Tesco/Asda/Morrison etc.) are all thieving bastards effectively running a cartel. Nothing they sell is cheap. Even the two-for-the-price-of-one offers are usually a con, because the unit price is often doubled before the "special offer" is put on.

Have any of these pathetic idiots who go on and on about cheap supermarket booze ever shopped in a supermarket? If they did they would see four packs of lager for about £1.00-£1.50, but if they had the intelligence to look closely at the cans they would see that they are about 1%-1.7%ABV. In other words these very cheap beers are total piss and noboby could ever get drunk on them unless they were able to consume two or three gallons. They would probably die of flatulence before they died of alcohol poisoning.

Real booze, e.g. 500ml bottles of Marstons Pedigree cost a fucking fortune (£1.67) in the big supermarkets. The anti-booze idiots should do a bit of research and check out Lidl, Netto, and the many independent booze outlets where comparable bottles of beer can be had for £1.00-£1.20

I'll bet that all the holier than thou anti-supermarket cheap booze campaigners are either stupid morons, or are people who never shop in supermarkets. More likely they are both, stupid morons who never shop in supermarkets.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Indeed, I'll second that and what all the commenters above me have already said. Ta for link, never forget the pensions savings!