Monday, 17 May 2010

Bled Almost Dry

There's nothing like submitting year end returns, as I have done today, for focussing one's mind.

Last year, my small business paid over £130,000 in tax and national insurance contributions to HMRC. And the reward for working hard and winning sizeable enough contracts to keep a substantial number of people in employment (on generous salaries, I might add) is ...

... a further tax bill, reflecting my partnership share, for having the temerity to actually make a living, of £22,000. And they want it, err, immediately.

Now, if in the future, as has been mooted, the NHS begin to ration healthcare for those who enjoy a pint and a Castella, the person who is ever tasked with explaining the policy to me - by hinting that I am a cost burden on the country - may well experience the most difficult day of their entire working life.


BTS said...

If you ever need to borrow a sharp stick, I have a collection in an assortment of sizes ranging from 'excessively large' to 'You'll Have Someone's Moon Out of Orbit With That..'

Anonymous said...

More taxes to defend the "front line srvices"That sounds like
letting nurses and teachers keep their Audis and BMW,meanwhile
supplying the soldiers in Helmand
with bows and arrows.
Must'nt upset nursy ,sir and plod
must we ?

Meanwhile in Skintsville a two
hundred year old ,once popular
pub ,is being converted to a Sushi
Another old haunt into a mobile
swap shop and a third into a
"nail parlour"

Where is my chariot of fire ?.

A fading Red Rose

Chuckles said...

It's time you stopped then?

Dick Puddlecote said...

BTS: I'm interested in investing in one of your sticks. If you ever don something other than a dressing gown one day, perhaps you could offer a demonstration?

BTS said...

But I'll lose all my powers!