Sunday, 2 May 2010

Random Public Quote Of The Weekend

I got off my scrawny arse and lent some time to Libertarian Party candidate Martin Cullip yesterday. Handing out political leaflets is an odd experience if you've never done it - surprisingly less insult strewn than I had expected too - and I could write a whole piece about the strangers I met. Perhaps I will do one day.

For now, though, a comment from a Sri Lankan Brit which had me at first confused before being doubled up in laughter, deserves a wider audience. He'd read the leaflet and asked about policies. Quite liked them in fact.

He: The thing is, the three main parties are all the same. Who wants to vote for them?
Me: Exactly.
He: I'm going to vote BNP.
Me: BNP? Really?
He: Yes, because if they get in, they will repatriate me out of this bloody country!
And with a wink and a smile, he was off.

Made my day.


Joe said...

D'ya think the BNP would repatriate me? Maybe to the Bahamas or somewhere nice like that :)

Mrs Rigby said...

Hehe! That's brilliant!

subrosa said...

Sensible man!

Angry Exile said...

Spoken like a proper Brit. That's integration working for you.

Unknown said...

I've heard the same thing from people of various ethnic origins at work!

It always makes me smile though.

Dr Evil said...

It's guys like him we should hope to keep!