Friday, 7 May 2010

Mascot Watch (6)

Of course, I never doubted. Not at all.

A 9.6% swing for a Tory who {whisper it} embraces libertarian ideals and stands up for freedom of the individual from state interference.

Hear that, Cameron? One might even call it a proven winning strategy. Tell Oliver Letwin in case he missed it.

Meanwhile Richard Taylor, the hectoring medical cock taken to task by Davies during that faultless commons performance in March, is out on his righteous ear hopefully never to return.

Just imagine how different this morning would have looked if Cameron had been as brave on defending lifestyle choices as he was in support of his fox hunting pals?

Nice result, Philip, and thanks for saving me the effort of re-jigging my sidebar.


JuliaM said...

There were some very good (and just) results from this election, weren't there?

Unfortunately, there's a lot of them, and not too many of us. And they hold all our major institutions, the ones that don't require election to office.

I wonder what they will do to consolidate their positions and shore up their policies while the big beasts squabble at the waterhole?

Alan B said...

All right. All right. So you don't like Dr Taylor (ex Wyre Forest). I am a constituent and I don't like all his policies either.

I will say one thing. Misguided or not, he is an honest man. He was the 3rd MP to publish his expenses in detail - in fact, I believe he is the one who went the furthest in providing information to the public and his constituents.
He was also near the bottom of the league of MP costs.

Sadly, that says a lot in this era of snouts in the trough.

Pat Nurse MA said...

And UKIP wouldn't stand against him because of his libertarian and EU views. Are you listening yet Mr Cameron?

Dick Puddlecote said...

Alan B: I've no doubt he's an honest man - he was very honest in admitting he wants tobacco banned in that very debate.

However, for wishing to inflict his own morality and health-above-all thinking on everyone else, whether we like it or not, he counts as a despicable human being. Sorry. :-)