Saturday, 1 May 2010

Link Tank 01/05

This week's eclecticism (is that a word?)

Britain appears to be evolving into the first modern soft totalitarian state

Australia plans 25% tobacco tax increase and plain packaging

Yorkshire is the UK's leading ghouls, spirits and lascivious succubi centre

A part of California just righteously became less 'happy' for kids

Brazil health minister prescribes more sex

Another pharmaceutical company fined multi-millions for illegal practices

144 year old murder: Scottish police still investigating

Do Pressures to Publish Increase Scientists' Bias? Hmm, whaddya think?

"I'm in love with my grandson and we're having a baby"


Anonymous said...

Kids in California get no more
toys with their Big Macs.
They'lle just have to settle for the Uzis and a few lines of Crack
I do wish that San Adreas fault
would get a move on and suck the
shithole down to Beelzebubs
smoking lounge.
Pity they dont have dodgy oilrigs
on the Cali coast, the gushing oil
would give the earthquake an added

Paramount Chief Smoking Skunk

Senna Pod County

Anonymous said...

Yorkshire is ghost land.
Not true.
In Lancashire I went to an ancient
dimly lit tavern near a grave field
for the unwanted. The happening was
supposed to be a gathering of
damned publicans protesting against the smoking ban.
I was alone,even the landlord stayed upstairs,I pulled a short Guiness blessed myself ,sprinkled some on the CAMRA sign and buggered off smartish. If I wanted a night out with the living dead I could have hovered into

RedRoseMobileExcorcism Ltd