Tuesday, 18 May 2010

More Lefty Tantrum Fun

Kudos to Stewart Cowan for highlighting another disjointed Labour nose to add to the growing list of blubbering, sore lefty losers. They really are great entertainment.

The latest is tinfoil mad hatter, Michael Meacher, who had this to say about the Con/Dem coalition on the 8th.

The difference between the two parties on fundamentals like the EU, immigration, Trident and early spending cuts are large, probably too large. [...] The chances of any deal now with the Tories that passes this very high democratic bar must be exceedingly small.
In hindsight, such a prediction must be rather embarrassing even for the doyen of doolally himself.

Which could explain Sunday's bitter grizzling at those who are in the jobs which Labour MPs so jealously covet.

The grand talk of a reformist coalition is already looking bare even before it’s started. With the neocon Trident-hardliner Liam Fox as Defence Minister, the anti-EU fanatical and Ashcroft-corrupted William Hague as Foreign Secretary, the inexperienced weakest link George Osborne as Chancellor, the anti-State ultra-marketeer Michael Gove as Education Secretary, and the anti-abortion and anti-gay rights Teresa May as Equalities Minister, it’s a throwback to the Thatcher era, in reactionary instincts if not in the same form.
Someone give the guy a hankie, for God's sake!



subrosa said...

The constant talk about George Osborne being inexperienced does make me laugh.

Do you know of any first-time chancellor who had previous experience in the post?

Maybe some lefties know something I don't. ;)

Chuckles said...

Meacher has forgotten that principles are soluble in cash. The working class, can kiss my..etc

Mac the Knife said...

I've got £50.00 that says Meacher had to wear incontinence pants while he was 'writing' that... :)

marksany said...

I love the smell of sour grapes in the morning!

Oldrightie said...

Inexperienced Osborne negotiated a neat bit of space for The UK, today. I never underrated him. So far, so good.

Anonymous said...

Meacher , one gilded blowfly not worthy of a cheap fly spray.
One of his local bottom sniffing
cental commitee,the Fuhrer of Oldham Council is all of a sudden
concerned about pub closures
destroying working class communities

Quote :
And Oldham Council’s Labour leader Jim McMahon is so concerned he has asked for an overview and scrutiny review of the impact of pub closures.

Councillor McMahon, who represents Failsworth East, says he only has to look around his own area to see the impact of pub closures: “Over the past five years we have seen the closure of Star Inn, Streetbridge Inn, Bridge Inn, Brown Cow, Black Horse, Brookdale Inn, Foresters Arms, Cloggers Arms, Halfway House, Guido Inn and others which have been and gone.

“In addition there are currently seven on the market for sale or tenancy, some of which have little chance of being reopened.

“The impact of the closures are threefold — derelict buildings attract vandalism and other anti-social behaviour; the loss of a community hub; and the loss of some buildings which are important historically or architecturally.”
End of quote:

Cant remember a 1 decibel squeek
out of this red rodent before the

Meacher ? Dont forget his constituents have the second lowest IQ
in the UK, after(any suggestions)?

Ruffyed fringe

Dick Puddlecote said...

Mac the Knife: "I've got £50.00 that says Meacher had to wear incontinence pants while he was 'writing' that... :)"

He is probably half way to believing that the new cabinet are lizards who slither back to the North Pole at night, too, the mad twat.

Stewart Cowan said...

Thanks for the link, Dick. And the kudos.

I was surprised that Meacher stooped so low.

Mac the Knife said...

@ Ruffyed fringe

“Over the past five years we have seen the closure of..."

I think your local fuckstick might find the closures really kicked off three years ago.

In July.

Can't think why.