Friday, 14 May 2010

Can You Even SPELL 'Speeding Ticket'?

Incredibly, I think I've just found a school worse than the Puddlecote boy's!

Just a brief scan of some highlights (or lowlights) of the Puddlecote boy's 2008/9 experience can attest to the priorities Labour have placed in primary schools, for example.

- For Easter, a trip to the town centre, picking up litter to save the enironment.
No such beating around the bush from Tuckswood Primary School in Norwich. Their jugend are used for much more ambitious projects.

Children will be pulling over cars in Norwich later this month in an event designed to educate drivers about the dangers of breaking the speed limit.

On Friday May 21 officers from Lakenham and Tuckswood Safer Neighbourhood Team will be carrying out speed checks with the help of a group of pupils from Tuckswood Primary School.

Motorists caught driving above the 30mph limit will be stopped and given a warning or a fixed penalty ticket by the school children.
Primary school. That's 11 and under. Pulling over cars and issuing speeding fines. And a lecture. To adults.

Great way to foster respect for one's elders, doncha think? That must be the 'progress' they're all talking about.

Apparently, the war on motorists is now over ... but has anyone told the kids yet?

I'm beyond staggered.

H/T Ian PJ who I've since noticed tweeted it from Gawain


Anonymous said...

In- fucking- creasingly, we see adverts on TV - with the kids "telling" the adults what they should be eating "because - it's good for you and US".
How bloody long before we start seeing signs on amusement parks and pubs stating "No adults allowed unless accompanied by a responsible child"?
A year or two I would imagine.

We already have the "youth parliament", where 12 year old "wannabe's" are being groomed in the ways of making the population obey THEM and how THEY, if they simply decide not to work for a living and become a politician, can become rulers as soon as the reach 18. Naturally, the ones who "decline" the invitation to join the youth parliament are shipped off to Scotland to be buggered by those already in power, to teach them the "error" of their ways.

To top it all, today I heard Cameroon state that we now had a parliament of (wait for it) ......... "Common Purpose".

I expect that, within a decade we will have our first, disabled, Muslim 18 year old Cabinet Minister - who will no doubt be allowed to "appoint" his own "prefects" - to make sure that all the "grown up children (that would be US)" are given suitable punishments and wil probably not be allowed access to the "tuck shop" (Tescos) until we apologise "properly".

I despair and, at the age of 57 and not being very well, know that I will probably not survive long enough to see the full horror to come - unless, off course, the log awaited "English Revolution" (oops - a "keyword") actually takes place.

Junican said...

I can see a lot of these children learning the meaning of the phrase 'robust language'. They cetainly would from me, and so would the attending policeman, fine or no fine.

Corrugated Soundbite said...

This is obviously just a stopgap measure, until they've built up an ample supply of small animals for the kiddies to practise their torture techniques on.

subrosa said...

I'm beyond speechless.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Obviously part of the 'start em young' mentality

I saw an example yesterday. I was outside my training centre having a evil fag, gazing into the mid distance, as you do.

When a 'crocodile' of children of approx 7-9 y/olds passed across my vision.
(As to looking at children, I have been CRB checked recently, so I may actually get away with it if children actually pass into my field of view in the street, I was however smoking, so I have written up an incident report, just in case, it may buy me some leniency if one of them happened to notice me)

From the location where I was, I guessed they were being walked from the nearby school to the local sports centre for 'games' or more likely swimming.

The thing that got me was that not only were their accompanying staff wearing Hi-Vis waist coats.

Every single one of the 30 odd kids had one on as well.

Future risk adverse jobsworths in the making

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...


Furor Teutonicus said...

Hitlerjugen no, but an almost PERFECT description, yet again, of the "Red guard", under Mao.

Look to China during the cultural revolution, THEN you start seeing REAL comparissons to todays U.K.

H.J, the Young Pioneers (Both in Germany and Russia), F.D.J, and other such groups were never given police powers.

The "Red guard" however...

Also, I think their may bean appeal case for the drivers. When I first joined the police at 18,5 (Yeah I know, but the ,5, apparantly made a difference!?!?), I could not book any one / give a ticket until I was 19.

I don't know if that was the law, or force policy, but it MAY be worth investigating.

Indyanhat said...

Not that I'm usually the first in line to jump to the defence of those on the sex offenders register who are not allowed within so far of our kids (quite rightly) but what happens to one of the above if they have been stopped for speeding by kids? Are they immediately arrested for breach of their conditions!

Do we all have to have a CRB check before driving now? Has no one noticed that children should be IN school learning how to read and write so that they can challenge the illegality of the authorities , rather than being braiwashed by them on trippettes like this...and how many kids will attempt to give tickets to predatory adults after such a scheme, thinking they have the 'power' to do so, young minds are very impresionable, some may try and if even one is abducted it has been too high a price to pay for a propoganda exercise!!!

BTS said...

Get the kids to measure the speed of the traffic by standing in the road and then seeing whether they survive, thereby enabling them to learn some maths at the same time - "If you hit me at forty miles an hour, there's around an eighty per cent chance.."

Dick Puddlecote said...

That's abusive, that is, BTS. Careful, or Vanilla will send the helicopters. ;-)