Thursday, 27 May 2010

The End Of An Error

The man who could envisage a health apocalypse in a cotton wool bud resigns his supersized saggy seat as Chief Medical Officer tomorrow.

And considering what a superlative disaster he has been, the day can't come soon enough. This BBC article paints a less than rosy picture of him, especially over the MTAS fiasco which slashed the number of medical recruits, destroyed fledgling careers, and needlessly cost the NHS over £6m in just a few months, but that's nothing compared to the incompetence and eye-watering waste in other areas attributable to Liam 'putrid, knuckled-headed chimp' Donaldson. The most notable being, of course, the swine flu panic which had him sweatily jerking his tadger dry at the thrill of throwing £300m of our taxes into a big pharma drain, as I mentioned recently.

We're hocked up to our eyeballs after signing up to guaranteed Tamiflu purchase contracts thanks to that rancid turd. His dire forecasts of imminent social collapse, over a virus which turned out to be about as dangerous as chicken pox, have left health authorities trawling for disused aircraft hangars in which to store the bloody stuff.
Not only that, we also have to find room - somewhere on NHS property one presumes, which incurs a cost in itself - for 226 million face masks, 34 million respirators and 15.2 million courses of antibiotics.

I mean, there really is no beginning to the hectoring jizz-chugger's talent. From ridiculous scaremongering over 750,000 deaths from bird flu, to pushing for irrelevant and entirely useless gestures such as minimum alcohol pricing, his incompetence knows no bounds.

Yet Labour took this clown seriously. So seriously, in fact, that they effected legislation which was more damaging than anything saggy-arse had done before or since ... and that's saying something.

In 2004, the BBPA estimated a smoking ban would cost the industry £3.5bn and the loss of 5,000 pubs and 75,000 staff. Considering the stunning accuracy of the pubs prediction, one can only take the £3.5bn figure as a fairly good guide of the financial loss to our economy.

And it's all down to lardy Liam throwing a tantrum and petulantly stomping his feet.

As ministers fretted over plans for limited new restrictions, Sir Liam told MPs that he would considered (sic, it is the BBC) resigning over their failure to back a full smoking ban in enclosed public spaces.
This despite his personal mantra being.

'I represent the Government, for which I work, the medical profession, which I try to listen to, and the public. My moral principle is that if ever there is a conflict it is the public who wins.'
Except, of course, when the public democratically elect politicians to represent them, and their views disagree with that of saggy-arsed cunt Donaldson.

So, nearly £4bn down thanks to the hypocritical cock, and he's finally throwing in the scaremonger-in-chief towel. Well, thank fuck for that!

Despite all this, I personally hope he lives as long a life as he envisages for others ... whether they wish it, or would prefer to take a gamble on an enjoyable existence instead. Preferably he'll survive to the age of 150, the last third of which, with any luck, will be spent in an unscrupulous geriatric home after his offspring, blessed with Liam's selfishness gene, engineer power of attorney over his cash and dump him there to dribble in impotent discomfort, being fed on liquidised offal rejected by Pedigree Chum, his arthritis-wracked, wheelchair-bound shell being tended to by minimum wage chav 'nurses' whose idea of care is changing his incontinence pants once a week.

But that's just me.

For the scientific/medical community, there are differing reasons to despise the sonofabitch, as described succinctly by Simon Jenkins at the turn of the year.

This is why people are ever more sceptical of scientists. Why should they believe what "experts" say when they can be so wrong and with such impunity? Weapons of mass destruction, lethal viruses, nuclear radiation, global warming … why should we believe a word of it? And it is a short step from don't believe to don't care.

So keep yourself alive for as long as you can, Liam (cos that's all that is important, isn't it?). Safe in the knowledge that you have bastardised evidence, invited scorn on your fellow professionals, damaged the future of the NHS, scared the public for no good reason, wasted public resources, helped rip the guts out of decent society, and advocated the deeply sinister policy of 'denormalisation' of perfectly normal citizens for the first time since the last war ended.

Lucifer hasn't a pitchfork serrated enough to adequately deal with you.

Tomorrow, I invite you to leave tributes to Liam's tenure in office, but in the meantime, I recommend reading his 'guest post' at Ross's place last year. It's rather good and astutely nails his dictatorial nature via the medium of impeccably-aimed satire.


Henry North London 2.0 said...

Ah Lovely post

Mark Wadsworth said...

Well yeah but no but.

The man was a shit of the highest ordure, but you cannot blame e.g. the smoking ban on him or on ASH - the smoking ban was an EU thing.

Admittedly the EU covered their traces well, but they were behind it all. ASH and Liam are just troughers.

Dick Puddlecote said...

MW: Yeah but, no but ...

Without Labour panicking about his threat, Hewitt wouldn't have gone against her own drafted bill.

I fully appreciate the EU influence (and agree with you), but the English departure from the pan-European norm of offering a semblance of choice can feasibly be attributed to his intervention.

Anonymous said...

Well, with that CV, he's going to rise to the top in the WHO...


Anonymous said...


I mean the guilt ,the guilt of being a healthy smoker ,oh my god, the guilt.
Or in Saggy arses case, the GELT !
The GELT, I did it for the GELT.
Perhaps if you were really decent it would be GUILT not GELT.
Have fun, in the snakepit of the WHO.

AntiCitizenOne said...

>damaged the future of the NHS,

well he wasn't all bad then!

JuliaM said...

I wonder what he'll be doing in a year or so?

Because I doubt someone like him can ever really give up meddling. Look for him to be given a post on a quango or charity, where he can meddle behind the scenes instead of in front of them.

Captain Haddock said...

I feel sure that Porton Down could find a use for the twat ..

Body Armour testing target for example ?

JJ said...

I was rather unkind to this bollock brain on my blog...when it was a blog.

Fredrik Eich said...

"the loss of 5,000 pubs and 75,000 staff."
I am pretty sure I once found a quote from the same source saying that eventually we would loose 25% of our pubs because of the SB. But I have lost the link to it - which is a little irritating.

Pat Nurse MA said...

Hewitt was in it for the money - she was in the pay of Big Pharma as a consultant - was she a taxi for hire? Mehtinks her nice little earner from the likes of Pfizer has more to do with why we got a blanket smoking ban rather than one with exemptions. Hewitt wanted to justify her back pocket cash hand outs by getting smokers running for Big Pharma's patches and shit. The woman should be hauled up before the courts on fraud charges.

BTS said...

Just gone half past five. He must be gone by now..

Plus it's a Bank Holiday weekend and I'm well stocked. Happy day..

Henry North London 2.0 said...

Bye Bye Liam you fat tosser

Anonymous said...

Just thought I would add that Donaldson's statement on his considering resignation was actually an extremely vague one. Although the general context is smoking bans he was not very specific. Here is the actual text of the exchange that made the headlines.
From the Health Select Committee report on Smoking in Public Places Dec 2005 (HSC3)
I'd like to provide a link but it seems to have disappeared from the Government website.

"Q455 Mike Penning: In the seven years you have been in post clear medical advice to our ministers has been ignored completely. Does that not put you in a very difficult position?
Professor Sir Liam Donaldson: It has put me in a difficult position and I have had to think hard about what I want to do about that position. There are some areas where if your advice is ignored and it damages the public health you would have to consider resignation if you were in my position. I have thought very, very carefully about that....

And then:
Q457 Dr Naysmith: Like everyone else, Sir Liam, I am very impressed with your frankness. This is one of those kinds of electric moments that happen from time to time and I think we are all recovering a little bit from the shock..."

I'm not going to comment further on the Lard-arse as DP and commentators pretty much covered everything.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget his first triumph, bankrupting Cornwall in 1999.

"Planners in Cornwall expect chaos when eclipse-hunters descend on the county next year.
Traffic gridlock, food and water shortages, sanitation problems, lack of accommodation and added stress on the emergency services are anticipated when 1.5m people arrive to see the first total solar eclipse over Britain for 72 years"

Then -
Chief Medical Officer Warns Solar Eclipse Watchers

"Don't chance a glance

The Government's Chief Medical Officer today urged solar eclipse watchers to play safe with their eyesight and watch it on television."

It seems that all those expected visitors took his advice, the place was deserted.
I've never seen empty roads in August before.

This link has also disappeared now.


Dick Puddlecote said...

Thanks Anons, both very enlightening and duly saved for the memory bank.

BTS: I think it's safe to celebrate now. What do you reckon they got him as a leaving present? An enema?

Anonymous said...

@Rose - I ignored Disaster Donaldson's advice and went to Cornwall. Only accommodation I could find was a backpackers' hostel where I had a great time.

A suitable leaving present? I reckon a packet of Immodium to stop his verbal diarrhoea or perhaps a crystal ball so that some of his predictions stand a chance of coming true.


Anonymous said...


The dirtiest trick I thought, was telling people that the special lenses might not work.

"Advice from the UK Government's chief medical officer not to use specially-designed glasses to watch the eclipse has caused uncertainty over their safety among retailers.

The DoH urged caution for those using the specially-made solar viewer glasses, or "mylar" filters.

"Shell has withdrawn its stock from 500 service stations in southern England even though the company was happy the viewers met safety standards. Sales had been expected to soar this weekend."

So no glasses either.

Eclipse gloom as crowds stay away
"Entrepreneurs in Cornwall who rushed to set up eclipse campsites are facing potential financial disaster after failing to attract the crowds they had been hoping for."

"A spokesman for the Devon festival said much of the problem faced by entrepreneurs was down to negative publicity by the government, including comments from the chief medical officer that people should view the eclipse on TV."

I suspect that this early success at manipulating public perceptions through dubious evidence, probably encouraged him to go further.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Well observed, Jay.