Thursday, 13 May 2010

Where Was I?

Yes, it's been quiet here today but I've got a note. Honest.

Any potential post wouldn't have come close to the optimism at Anna Raccon's tonight anyway, so if you haven't seen it, here's a snippet from her prediction of the end of the nanny state.

But now the credit cards have been cut up, and there can be no more spending, the vultures, fresh from gorging on Greece, are eyeing up the UKs debt mountain and feasting on our bonds.

It will have a curious effect, one that the electorate couldn’t achieve, of turning our Government into one that espouses Libertarian values. They will have no choice. They may label themselves Conservative or Lib-Dem at the moment; there may be talk of ‘our manifesto commitments’ but they will have no choice other than to butt out of our lives except for the essentials.
Joy unconfined if this were to turn out to be true. I have my doubts, but Anna's reasoning is sound so definitely worth reading the whole piece.

Oh yeah, and you'll perhaps want to read my note.

"Dear Sir/Madam

Sorry that Dick wasn't available today, but recent events have bolstered his already prevalent disgust with the shit that passes for state education in the UK.

He apologises to Mr Cameron but he can't really afford to wait a couple of years for something (which might be) better to turn up.

So tonight he was mostly counting his pennies and seriously investigating going private.

It sticks in his craw, like a motherfucker, that he has already paid bucketloads through his taxes yet still feels it necessary to pay again for something remotely fit for purpose. He's also disgusted that for all Labour's talk of equality, it's only those who are able to dig deep into reserves who can guarantee a good education for their kids.

But he'll be back on Friday. Promise.

Mrs Puddlecote Sr

PS He'd like to be excused P.E. too if it's not too much trouble."
Thanks, Mum.


Mrs Rigby said...

"So tonight he was mostly counting his pennies and seriously investigating going private."

More than pennies, and until they're at least 16.

Do you do email?

Dick Puddlecote said...

Yep, there's a contact tab at the top. :-)

Mrs Rigby said...