Sunday, 2 May 2010

Blogroll Update: Wombling Free Again

So very pleased to see that, after nine barren months, the Roving Womble is back and therefore instantly re-installed on my blogroll.

Here's a delicious taster cooked up, presumably, by Madame Cholet herself.

But this story did get hold of me. Any party which launches an attack on the "Big Brother State" will do for me. I simply love the idea of a "Great Repeal Bill", in which the worst excesses of ZaNu Labour's nanny, intrusive, "thou shalt not", DNA-retaining, free-speech hating, ever-spying Stasi are rolled back in one go. No ID cards, no HIPs, more limited power of entry of the State into your house. What a truly fantastic thing. If it happens.

Cameron has, at times, touched on civil liberties and just suggested, from time-to-time, that he hates what Labour have done in government and is genuinley concerned by the extenstions in State power at the expense of the individual. But never, as far as I'm aware, has he articulated something as concrete as a single Act of Parliament as a means of starting the fightback.

The best thing about this is that it really should survive a hung parliament. The Liberals, if they are as good as their word (yeah, OK, point taken) really should back it to the hilt. It ought to be the easiest single bill for Cameron to push through. And that being the case, Dave shouldn't stop at HIPs and ID cards. He should carry on, and deal too with imprisonment without trial, restrictions on free speech, the outrageous smoking bans, the rise of the Food Police, the need to carry out CRB checks on all and sundry, child curfews, the increased likelihood of arrest if you take a photograph in the street, the right to run round town in one's underpants, the exponential rise in the number of CCTV cameras, attacks on peple trying to practice Christianity, right through to the practice of teachers to impound our children's Mars Bars.

That should be enough for him to be going on with.

I've missed the little furry critter, so I have.


Anonymous said...

Dick, is it you who from time to time takes an interest in Kerry McCarthy? See today's Guardian article on postal vote fraud.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Yes, I did. She has said sorry, though, so that's all right then ... apparently.

Good grief.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Yeah right. Tories push through the "Great Repeal Bill" and then tack on "National Service for 16 year olds", how's that going to work?

Weekend Yachtsman said...

He can't abolish HIPs.

They are required by the Supreme Government in Brussels.

Unless he's going back to his first cast-iron promise, of course...