Friday, 14 May 2010

Lefty Tantrums

There was a lot of talk about how the online left were going to reign supreme in the post-election world of an anyone-but-Labour government. I suppose we'll have to wait and see how it all pans out but the early exchanges aren't very impressive.

So far, it just consists of a deafening collective whine which could eclipse that of a 747 approaching Heathrow. If they keep it up, we may even have a solution to unsustainable levels of immigration ... after all, who would dream of entering the country with that racket going on? The HSE would have to station someone at the Channel Tunnel issuing industrial ear defenders, if nothing else.

Ross at Unenlightened Commentary echoes my current gleeful satisfaction at reading the lefty wailing and gnashing of teeth, in response to this hilarious contribution from Penny Red (a fiercely faithful socialist smoker, would you believe?).

It's stuff like this that makes the election result so worthwhile.
Indeed it is, Ross, indeed it is.

The result wasn't ideal by any means, but as a welcome rescue from another five years of astoundingly selfish, dictatorial, oppressive, bansturbatory, anti-social and financially damaging fuckwittery, it's just what the doctor ordered for the short term.

There's a lot of righteous socialist hot air being pumped out about the halt of 'progress'. Because progress is infantilising the public, restricting trade by the imposition of umpteen layers of red tape and bureaucracy, marginalising choice, criminalising the law-abiding, creating an atmosphere of fear and mistrust, and breeding class hatred and social exclusion. Apparently.

The D of B&D read, as I did, Johann Hari's petulant cockwaffle earlier today and came to the same conlusion. That it is more of the same. A spitting of the socialist dummy of heroic proportion to sit alongside the mass toy throwing session which is occurring in lefty hotbeds the length and breadth of the country.

The 'left' he wants is intrusive, aggressive, extreme, authoritarian and disconnected from the people it is supposed to serve.

Will people like Hari ever wake up? Or is it that they just like to cling to their fashionable politics because it gives them a sense of superiority and purpose?

If so, how selfish of them.
Selfish is the buzzword for these people. They have spent the 21st Century bastardising government by excluding the public from public consultations, enacting legislation based on what they know are lies, and generally doing what they damn well like and calling it progressive and democratic.

And because this bullying with state funding may have stalled for a bit, they don't like it one little bit. They're the political embodiment of the kid in Asda rolling on the floor because his Mum has finally said no when he demanded sweets. Screw what's good for the country, they don't care, what's good for them is all that matters.

And why does this Rolf Harris number always enter my mind when I scan their witterings?

Amongst the Lib Dems, it's not the word progress which doesn't match what is in my dictionary, but the word 'liberal'. This blogger has left the Lib Dems because not allowing powers to be given to the bloated, ex-commie infested EU is, and I quote, "illiberal and out of touch". Illiberal to want to retain an element of choice over the lives of British people? And so now, in search of 'liberal' policies, she is joining the Greens? Good grief.

Another Lib Dem is leaving as he doesn't like the make-up of the coalition itself.

The areas of agreement between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives are few, and not enough for each party’s separate vote to be meaningfully combined in a joint mandate. It is at best a highly awkward marriage of a progressive and a conservative party.
This from a former member of a party which is a coalition all of itself!

One could even call it a highly awkward marriage of a classic liberal party and former members of Labour. Which it is.

So, after being a member for any period of time, only to then cry foul because the left of the party, to which the quitters presumably belong, isn't compatible with soft conservative policies - which the right of the party have very little problem with - makes one wonder why he paid dues to such a party in the first place. It beggars belief. Seriously.

The truth is that the left quite simply failed to carry the public with them in this election. Labour's campaigning consisted exclusively of scaremongery over what the Tories might do, whilst the left of centre Lib Dems, though small in percentage terms, seem to believe that theirs is the only acceptable stance and are leaving ... without even the satisfaction of taking their ball with them.

Where is the fightback? The promotion of lefty policies and ideas, rather than this cacophany of whinging, and homogenous paragraphs of wounded rhetoric?

If you spot any more puerile articles from similarly wounded brave little soldiers, please point them out as it's very cathartic reading their impatient, insular, self-interested rantings.

UPDATE: The Quiet Man was ahead of me with a couple of great examples yesterday.


Mrs Rigby said...

The lack of comments says quite a lot too ...

cornyborny said...

Spot on, DP. Colourfully forensic as usual.

You ask, rhetorically, "Where is the fightback? The promotion of lefty policies and ideas, rather than this cacophany of whinging, and homogenous paragraphs of wounded rhetoric?"

The left is intellectually bankrupt. Once again their policies - the same old, tried and failed policies - have brought ruin and misery and the people have belatedly thrown them out. What else is left for them but whining and the reflex-like desire to throw blame around?

'Homogenous' is exactly the word, too, for the modern authoritarian left is one big hive mind. Drones aren't very good at originality.

Sam Duncan said...

There's an excellent letter in today's Telegraph from one Paul Schroeder that sums the current situation up perfectly:

“At its simplest, a liberal believes a person should be free to do as he wishes so long as that action does not impose on the rights of others. Conservative notions of civil liberties, small government and deregulation conform to this.”

The Left can't understand this simple fact. Tories are Bad and Right-Wing; the LibDems aren't Tories, therefore they must be Good and Leftists.

Not that there isn't a grain of truth to that analysis:

“The question is not why the Tories and LibDems seem to be getting on all of a sudden, but rather how the LibDems ever allowed socialists to usurp their Liberal roots.”

They may live to regret it. I suspect the socialists have formed the larger part of their support since the BBC-Guardian-Independent axis turned on Labour after Iraq. If not before, in fact: the SDP merger could never have taken place if the Liberal Party hadn't been open to it, and who can forget the Lib-Lab pact that preceded it by a decade?

Although the cuts to come will make the Tories as unpopular as they were 10-15 years ago, they will survive, albeit eventually in opposition again. I'm not so sure about the Liberal-Social Democrat coalition. That irreconcilable faultline has always been there since 1988, but could be ignored as long as the party didn't really matter, and as long as the most likely prospect of power was to align itself with the Left. This government will blow it wide open, with the help of the likes of Hari.

While the Left may be seething with impotent rage right now, it is, as you say, loud, and therefore hard to ignore. The Left doesn't do calm, reasoned argument. It does polemic and propaganda, and it's good at it. It will moan and agitate constantly for the next five years. The natural affinity between small-government Tories and Liberals will be ignored (when it isn't ridiculed) and the narrative of ideological treachery will be drip fed to the public through the usual channels - the Groan, the Indy, and BBC entertainment shows - until it becomes accepted fact. Just watch.

(Sorry. That got a bit long there.)

Dick Puddlecote said...

Long is fine if it's as good as that comment, Sam. :-)