Saturday, 15 May 2010

May 2010 Just Keeps On Giving

Just to remind you that the saggy-arsed scare merchant also gets the fuck out of our lives this month.

I tried the FOI route for an exact date but the DH were rather coy. I don't think they liked my idea of a beer and fags party outside his office.

I'm still up for it, though, so if anyone has any info as to when the horrendous ginger bastard will officially hector his last, please let us know.

It'd be a reet grand day out.

And, of course, when it is confirmed he has left, I think a post which allows us to offer our tributes on his time in office is in order, don't you?


Anonymous said...

Isn't he going to the WHO to be a high heid bully?


Mark Wadsworth said...

We could have a fags and beer party outside the fat bastard's office anyway, it can't do any harm. Especially if we're eating lots of nice salty crisps and stuff to balance out the damage caused by fags and booze.

Paul said...

Bugger the crisps, where's the pork scratchings? With a nice pint. Or five.

Anonymous said...

Capstan full strength and rum aaaaaar !
He will be a more dangerous creature at the Who I think.
Wait for the scares to come thick and fast.
It's the dummies who believe it that are the real danger.

Chuckles said...

Perhaps we could erect a monument and place him under it?

Sir Liam Donaldson said...

I appreciate your offer to have a party to celebrate my tenure in office but sadly if we have mre than 5 people in a room at the same time then the risk of one of us catching swine flu and wiping out the entire country is too great.

BTS said...

Paul, he is the pork scratching.