Wednesday 5 May 2010

Feeding The Kids Their Greens

One of the little Puddlecotes (the girl) came home from school yesterday explaining that they had held a mock 'election'.

All the major parties were represented by the kids. You know, the really important ones. Labour, Conservative, Lib Dem ... and the Greens.

The Greens? Why the bloody Greens? They've never stood here before and will almost certainly be overshadowed in the real election by UKIP and the BNP.

Simple. It's because the kids chose the parties, and every class has a school-appointed and coached 'eco-friendly representative'. Additionally, in a lesson last week, Little Miss Puddlecote was given the benefit of her teacher's political wisdom as he went through the policies of all the main parties. They being Labour, Conservative, Lib Dems ... and, yep you guessed it, the Greens.

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot, you must be wondering who won this mock election. Err, let's put it this way, if class 5C are a guide, Caroline Lucas will be PM on Friday.

And the cost to you, the taxpayer, of stuffing the Green agenda down the throats of primary school kids? £3,780 per child, per year.


Uncle Marvo said...

Holy crap. You could put them through a decent private school for that.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Dick, as promised, see footnote 19 here :-)

Anonymous said...

This is probably why people under 18 cannot vote in real elections. By that time, one hopes, they will have developed some of their own opinions, some capacity for critical thought and have learned not to believe the first thing they are told by the loudest voice they can hear.

Chuckles said...

To paraphrase Jerry Pournelle quoting Glenn T. Seaborg -

'If a foreign nation had imposed this system of education on the United States, we would rightly consider it an act of war.'

I think it would be as apt with a change of country?

Anonymous said...

Yes but look at the reality.
By the tinme they are twenty.
Out of 35.
This is guesswork by the way.
6-7 will be parents.
1-2 will be junkies.
1-2 will be piss heads.
1 will be a criminal.
1 will be a religeous nut.
The rest will be conformist proles.
Their the ones you've really got to watch.
The conformist proles.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Marvo: True. Considering the shite they are taught, I'd like the option of having the tax back and choosing the provider myself.

MW: Good Lord. Now I'm quoted, I'm classed as an 'expert' by the Beeb. :-)

Chuckles: Nice quote, I must remember that.

Chuckles said...

Dick I think it goes, 'Chuckles, I wish I'd said that!'

'You will Dick, you will.'

Ian R Thorpe said...

Don't Worry Dick, Greenery will never catch on. When the kids get a little older and find that if you want to cop off with a green supporter you have to put up with 2hours of environmentalist angst before you get a snog the green agenda will not seem so appealing.

Zaphod Camden said...

At least when our school held a mock election in the 1980s we got to choose (and in some cases make up) our own parties.

From memory, the result was a Labour-Monster Raving Loony Party coalition. Would love to have seen Peter Snow and David Dimbleby comment on that :)

ShugNiggurath said...

My youngest one, 13, tells me that they were having a discussion about the various parties and they weren't allowed to discuss, at all, the BNP. They apparently put a bit of a show up demanding to know what the reason the BNP were not to be discussed and the teacher ended up saying 'because they are an aggressive party'.

Don't the Greens support the loonies who break into private property and attempt to disrupt legitimate businesses.

She's also been telling her teacher that her dad 'says socialism is evil'. Doubtless the teacher will have me down as a BNP member.

Chuckles said...

Careful Shug, you'll have the 'social' calling. These people do not mess around.

'For their own good you understand...'